Plumber Tips: What You Need To Know About Your Plumbing System in Tampa, FL


Plumbing systems are a crucial aspect of any modern home. Even though homeowners aren’t expected to know the intricate details of plumbing like an expert plumber, overall knowledge of the system is often encouraged. This helps them easily spot problems before becoming significant plumbing problems and avoid the need to incur expensive damages. It may take time, but it is pretty straightforward.

In this piece, we help homeowners understand their plumbing systems and the best way to keep them cleaned and maintained.

Parts Of A Plumbing System

Essentially, there are two main parts of a plumbing system:

  • The water supply system
  • The drain waste system

The entire system depends on gravity and pressure to ensure the water reaches and leaves homes throughout Tampa, FL.

1. The Water Supply System

This system brings fresh water into your home. It is also highly dependent on pressure. The two primary sources of water are city water and wells. City water is pumped through the enormous main pipe usually located parallel to the street. If you do not receive city water, you probably use a well that requires a pump to get the water running in your home.

Low water pressure that often affects the showers and faucets is often the result of blockages or leaks. In such cases, it is vital to contact a professional to check your plumbing system to identify the problems and offer solutions.

A plumber installs a shutoff valve near your meter either before or after it. This helps you quickly shut down the incoming fresh water in case of an emergency or ongoing project. Since you need water throughout your home for many activities, the water supply system is a vital component of your plumbing system. Homeowners tend to install filtration systems to their water supply system to:

  • Remove sediments
  • Reduce chlorine
  • Improve taste and odor
  • Eliminate hardness

If you have any concerns about water filtration, contact Drain Flo Plumbing experts who can provide expert knowledge on the best water filtration system. A skilled plumbing professional will also offer a safety test to determine the contaminants in your water.

What to Keep an Eye on

A great way to ensure your water supply system is leakproof is to utilize the services of a professional Tampa, FL, plumber. A skilled plumbing professional will ensure your system is correctly installed, whether during the initial installation or re-piping.

Your water supply system functions best when the pressure is high. However, this makes it more prone to damages such as leaks. In the event of low pressure or leaks, it is advisable to contact your plumber rather than trying out DIY solutions.

2. The Drain Water System

After freshwater has been piped into your home, this system eliminates all the used water. As opposed to the water supply, the drainage vent system depends on gravity to function optimally. Most of this system’s pipes are angled downwards to facilitate the use of gravity when eliminating water from your home.

For this system to work effectively, a plumbing professional installs numerous traps, vents, and other clean-out features to avoid backflow. These features include the P-shaped trap under your sink and the vent pipes sticking out above your roof shingles.

What to Keep an Eye on

The drainage water vent system is often plagued with clogging. In the kitchen, grease is the main culprit, while hair is the main cause in the bathroom. To ensure fewer clogs through the system, have a plumber show you how to empty the clean-out plugs so that you can do it frequently.

You also need to be cautious of leaks. Tell-tale signs include damp ceilings, sticky rooms, and mold infestations. Since leaks can cause structural damage, it is vital to contact a plumbing professional whenever you notice any piping system leaks.

How To Maintain Your General Plumbing System

The following maintenance tips will help prevent severe plumbing issues:

  • Unclog slow drains: Whenever the water starts draining slowly, it’s time for some preventive steps. You are advised to empty the clean-out plugs and unclog the pipes. If the problem persists, contact a professional plumber.
  • Drain the water heater: Water heaters need to be drained at least twice every year. Sediment makes the water heater less effective, thereby causing complications later on. An experienced plumber is best equipped to handle the heater better can you can.
  • Winter preparation: Your pipes are vulnerable to freezing during the winter; therefore, it is advisable to insulate them. Insulation not only prevents your pipes from freezing but also from exploding or bursting.
  • Water pressure: Always contact a plumbing company when the water pressure runs low. Before getting your plumber, always ensure there is no sediment in your shower head, reducing the pressure.
  • Sewer lines: Your sewer line is vulnerable to damage, so avoid planting trees along its line. Occasionally snake the lines and always contact a plumbing company in case of any sewer problems.
  • Pipe cleaners: The market is laden with many solutions for pipe cleaning. However, they aren’t all equal. Some cleaners are corrosive, and they do more harm than good. In the short run, they remove the clog but affect the longevity of your pipes.
  • Strainers: These are some of the best ways to avoid clogging. They ensure no debris enters your plumbing system. Strainers are susceptible to wear and tear and require replacement when necessary.
  • Be careful about what you flush: It is essential to know what causes clogs in your plumbing system. Remember, today’s clogs are caused by yesterday’s mistakes. Watch what goes down your drains and teach your kids how to maintain the plumbing.
  • Regular maintenance: Communicate with your plumbing company and schedule maintenance runs. Calling your plumber only when there is a problem is already too late. Also, consult your plumbing company when buying plumbing equipment.

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