Plumber Tips: How Saving Water Can Make Life Better For Your Family in Brandon, FL


Water supplies in Florida can vary considerably from year to year. At Drain Flo Plumbing, our plumbers help customers in Brandon, FL manage their water consumption with plumbing repairs and upgrades that help lower their water bills while also providing attractive and convenient improvements to their homes. It’s a win-win situation for homeowners, allowing them to enjoy new plumbing features and improve their plumbing quality while also playing an important role in reducing unnecessary water consumption. Our team of experts also provides other services that get homeowners ahead such as whole house drain cleaning that can keep the emergency drain relief calls down in the coming year, and pipe inspection including leak detection and interior video imaging that’s not just for finding leaks once they’ve done damage, but ensuring that your pipes are in good condition and not in the early stages of destructive leaks.

  • Taking Care Of Older Plumbing

Before the fun part, it’s important to take care of older pipes that may be corroding if metal or decaying if plastic. Because hidden leaks can be so damaging to your home, catching them early and especially before they multiply can provide big cost savings over wall and ceiling damage repairs, mold and mildew mitigation, and even exterminator visits to eliminate creatures that found damp, dark spaces attractive for living. Pipe leaks can amount to quite a large volume of water lost from month to month, especially from your home’s main water line. A pipe inspection and leak detection visit from our plumber can form an overall picture of your home’s plumbing condition and help you establish your priorities for repair and replacement.

  • Bathroom Upgrades That Save Water, Also Adding Comfort And Convenience

Plumbing manufacturers have gotten beyond the initial stages of water conservation where cutting back on water use was the primary goal, using flow restrictors and other reductions, sometimes compromising effectiveness. Now, technology has produced newer showerheads that provide a better shower experience and a faster one if you’re trying to get clean and off to work, while still using less water than in the past. Our plumber can install one of these, along with handheld devices and other shower features that make your routines more convenient and enjoyable. If you’re not a fan of toilet cleaning, newer toilets that use powerful flushing technologies are a big help, as companies have found ways to circulate less water during the flush while improving cleaning effects.

Our plumber can also install new toilet models that offer a two-button intelligent choice of moderate or increased flush volume, still saving water but saving even more if a full-volume flush is not needed. Bidet add-ons also help improve your morning routine while reducing paper use as well, helpful for your drains. Over at the sink, an amazing amount of water is consumed by households as the faucet is left on during tooth brushing and shaving, the EPA estimates about 8 gallons per day on average. By changing from a twist-knob style faucet control to flip-style controls that are also disability-friendly, or upgrading to touchless, hygiene friendly faucets that turn on when your hands are near, then off while you’re brushing or shaving, you can significantly cut that wasted water flow.

  • A Lower-cost Bathroom Water-saving Plan

If you’re thinking about fixture upgrades but want to take action to reduce water use now, most bathrooms have several places where a simple repair can save a lot of water, usually hundreds of gallons per year. One is the washers on your sink faucet, where dripping can really add up, especially when you include the energy cost of dripping hot water. The flapper valve on most toilets eventually starts to have a less effective seal, allowing plenty of water to slip past even when the toilet is not in use. You may notice the effects of this from a steady sound of water flow from the toilet or visible water motion in the bowl long after the last flush. Our plumber can take care of these and offer information about other upgrades at the same time.

  • Kitchen Water-saving Upgrades

Switching to a more water and energy efficient dishwasher can make a huge difference in your water use, especially if you mostly run full loads. Many newer models have a variety of options for different types of cycles to save water and increase effectiveness according to your needs. They also offer an improvement that everybody loves: reduced noise, on some higher-end models nearly silent running. Have our plumber install one of these, and saving water will be part of the package. At the sink, there are many ways that the faucet wastes water, from leaving it running to fill a pot and then getting distracted, to constant water flow during dishwashing. Modern touchless and even voice activated faucets can help you manage your water use by adding significant convenience, so you don’t have to take extra steps to save water, just use the new technologies. Other features such as a detachable commercial sprayer that allows you to aim and trigger to wash and rinse, rather than holding dishes under the flow, can speed up dishwashing as well as save water.

  • One More Repair Concern: Slab Leaks

If your water bill isn’t fully reflecting your water saving changes, there’s one important place to check if your home has a concrete slab. With your home’s faucets turned off, check your water meter for motion. It should be stopped or nearly stopped. If the water meter is still moving significantly when all that activity has stopped, it’s time to call our plumber to investigate for slab leaks.

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