Catching Water Line Repair Problems Early To Save On Damage Repair in Temple Terrace, FL


Homeowners often think of water line repair problems in terms of saving wasted water, resolving water pressure problems, and saving on the water bill. At Drain Flo Plumbing in Temple Terrace, TL, we want our customers to know why we emphasize prompt water line repair. What doesn’t always come to mind is the potential damage from even small water leaks, such as mold growth in the walls or damage to wall materials or wood flooring, and unexpected harm from large leaks outdoors, when pooling water puts pressure on the foundation and causes cracks in the concrete. Pipe damage is definitely only part of the picture, and even with pipe damage, there are reasons why early detection and repair are helpful. Water line problems that are related to older pipes that have corrosion or degradation problems can be a sign of more to come, and more leaks within the home’s walls or water supply pipe could occur if the piping is not checked and replaced as necessary. For many older homes, homeowners are choosing whole house repiping as their plumbing ages, to limit their exposure to unexpected plumbing repair costs and damage repair from water leaks.

Possible Signs Of Main Water Line Repair Needs

For your water supply line that typically crosses your yard, it can be hard to directly identify leaks that need water line repair. Here are some typical signs that it’s time to check for damage:

  • Low Water Pressure

When water is being lost from your water supply line, you may find the water pressure in your home is low. It’s a good indication that you need to have the water line checked, but if your neighborhood water supply is also low in pressure, there may be backflow concerns and a contaminated water supply. Our water line repair team can help you investigate. Another possible source of water pressure problems, including changing water pressure, is a pressure reduction device installed in homes with high incoming water pressure, designed to protect appliances in the home but requiring service every few years to replace certain parts that wear over time.

  • Sediment Discoloring the Water

If there’s a break in the water line or problems with a connection, you may find that sediment is finding its way into the pipe and into your home, producing discolored water. If there’s discolored hot water only, it could be a water heater problem instead. Our water heater experts can check it out, and we recommend annual water heater preventive maintenance as well.

  • Noisy Faucets and Gurgling Toilets

Water supply problems can result in irregular and noisy operation of toilets and faucets. In some cases, these sounds can also occur in your drains from problems with your plumbing vent, so it’s worth noting whether the sound happens independently from your drain, or when your toilet is filling or faucet is flowing. Our water line repair team and expert plumbers can help you determine the cause of the sounds.

  • Water Bills on the Rise

Checking the amount of water used, you may find that your water bill is reflecting significantly increased usage if you need a water line repair. If your home has plumbing located under the concrete slab, the leaks could be affecting your foundation or basement flooring. In some cases, hot water lines are run under the slab and produce similar problems but include constant water heater operation, reduced hot water availability, and warm spots on the basement floor.

  • Flooding in Your Yard

Leaks in your water line crossing your yard or under your slab foundation can produce large pools of water either under your home, which can affect your foundation’s stability or beside your foundation, especially near the water supply entrance to your home. You may find extremely wet areas anywhere across the yard, which can help locate the problem. Better watered landscaping plants or grass in a line crossing your yard is a likely sign of water line repair needs that have been leaking for some time.

  • Creatures Drawn to Excess Moisture

Inside your home and even outdoors, creatures can gather to take advantage of a readily available source of moisture. You may find insects or other nests near your water line leak, or inside walls near hidden leaks. If you notice insect traffic or noises in your walls, you may need water line attention and pest control as well.

  • Water Line Leak Detection

Besides the signs of potential water line leaks, we can also provide homeowners with concrete information about their water lines and target leak repairs using modern equipment. Our ultrasonic leak detection, video inspection from inside the pipes, and other technologies allow us to check for the sounds and sights of leaking pipes even when the leak is located deep in the walls, underground, or under the concrete slab. This can help you save considerable amounts compared to digging or cutting just to diagnose and locate the problem, and when it comes time to make repairs, our skills and technology combined help us make targeted repairs with minimal impact. Our water line team is well outfitted to serve you and help with what can be a very frustrating plumbing problem.

  • Predicting the Future

If our water line inspection using video equipment reveals pipes in poor condition or you’ve experienced multiple leaks recently, that’s valuable information. Many homeowners find that pipe replacement or repiping at a certain point in their home’s lifetime can help avoid the expenses involved with multiple water line leaks.

Your Temple Terrace, Fl Water Line Repair Experts

At Drain Flo Plumbing, we help homeowners in Temple Terrace, FL with their water line replacement and repair needs. We also have advanced expertise in leak detection through both experience and technology. Our team can help you save on the costs of wasted water, developing water leaks, and resulting repairs by helping you identify potential problems early. Give us a call and we’ll get to work for you.