Your Common Plumbing Service Questions Answered


Homeowners often ask plumbers questions, and in many cases, they are asked the same questions day in day out. If you’re a homeowner who is looking to keep your plumbing in top condition, you’ll likely be interested in at least some of the answers to these questions. Read on if you want to find out why your pipes are so noisy or what the difference is between hard and soft water.

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Questions You May Have For A Plumbing Service

Why is flushing my toilet so noisy?

Sometimes toilets are very loud when flushed, and there are several reasons for this problem occurring. Often this is a sign that the water isn’t flowing correctly. This is a widespread plumbing issue; the water might not be flowing into the toilet properly. In some cases, the water isn’t flowing correctly into the refill valve, making it difficult for the cistern to fill up after it’s been flushed. In these cases, the toilet may not have adequate water to wash away waste. This can then result in backup, which could cause sewage to come back into your home or may cause pipes to become ruptured.

Another reason that toilets flush noisily is that refill water could be running down the overflow pipe. In fully functioning toilets, refill water is needed to ensure that the toilet runs properly without any issues. If your toilet isn’t working correctly, the refill water could get stuck in the bottom part of the overflow pipe. This will add pressure to your toilet and will make flushing harder as the water won’t be able to move out of the pipes properly. This can cause backup if it’s not quickly resolved.

Sometimes stiff seals can cause toilets to be noisy when they are flushed. Seals need to be secure but not too tight as this causes extra noise. Sometimes there’s debris around the seals, and this stops them from effectively managing the water flow.

Another reason that your toilet might be noisy is that the flushing mechanisms could be incorrectly aligned. If this is the case, there’s likely to be a delay in the time it takes for the mechanisms to respond, which will cause the toilet to stop working and could cause back up.

If your toilet seems noisy when flushed, it’s a good idea to call in a professional service as soon as possible. A plumber will be able to get to the bottom of the problem and fix it before it becomes severe and creates back up in your home.

How do you avoid frozen pipes?

Pipes that are freezing are a common problem during the winter months, and having a frozen pipe is likely to cause the pipe to burst, creating a leak when it thaws.

There are a few simple things that you can do to reduce the chances of your pipes becoming frozen. The best thing to do is to insulate your pipes before the weather turns bad. You can do this using a sponge pipe cover. It’s also a good idea to insulate your water tank, especially if it’s stored in a colder place such as a loft.

You may also like to leave your heating set at a low temperature, even if you’re away from home. Leaving the thermostat between twelve and fifteen degrees will eliminate the chance of your pipes freezing.

For more advice about how to reduce the chances of your water pipes freezing during the winter, contact your local plumbing service. If you’re unfortunate enough to have a burst or cracked pipe due to freezing conditions, a plumber will be able to make the necessary repairs.

What’s the difference between hard water and soft?

The main difference between hard and soft water is its composition. Whether water is considered to be hard or soft depends on the type of minerals that it contains. Water is described as being hard if it contains dissolved minerals, usually calcium and magnesium. Soft water doesn’t contain these minerals but is likely to have sodium present. Soft water has generally been treated to remove all the unwanted minerals except sodium before it is supplied to people’s homes.

Water often starts off as soft; for example, rainwater coming directly from the sky could be described as soft. However, if rainwater has been allowed to seep underground, it will pick up lots of unwanted minerals and become hard. Water picks up minerals such as lime, chalk, calcium, and magnesium from the ground.

If your water is hard, you may like to invest in a filter that removes minerals from your water before you drink it. A plumbing service can install a water filter, and this will make your water taste fresher.

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