Drain Cleaning Service: Why You Should Spring Clean Your Drains in Brandon, FL


As a local homeowner, Spring is usually the time to get your home repairs in order. To do a little spring cleaning and to set upon renovations, ready for the summer garden party season. Spring, however, is also a really good time for a little maintenance of the less visible areas of your house, such as your drains, and to employ a reputable drain cleaning service like Drain Flo Plumbing to tackle them.

Why Use A Drain Cleaning Service In Spring?

Spring comes directly after the winter months with adverse weather conditions like storms, extreme wind, and maybe even snow. These elements can cause debris – lots and lots of debris – to get into inopportune places and start causing blockages and damage. A health check on your drains will ensure everything is working so problems do not escalate, in turn, becoming more expensive to rectify.

Some warning signs might already be apparent, for instance, a quick scan over your drains may reveal signs of damage. You may notice particularly bad doors coming from your drains, or unusual noises in outlets and pipes.

The warmer weather can also make smells even more pungent, and help bacteria develop. These are problems that you, therefore, will want a drain cleaning service to eliminate before the hotter months in Summer.

What Problems Can Spring Bring With It?

While spring is a beautiful time of year that sees flowers and fauna in full bloom, these growth spurts can be problematic for your drains particularly, as growing tree roots can break off and get into your home’s drainage system, through joints or small cracks. The warm and humid weather can also mean they expand and cause blockages.

In addition, unless you get a service to tend to the root problem quickly, they can damage your drains’ structure and even cause subsidence.

The more you ignore this problem, the greater and more complex will be the job of eliminating it. Get advice from a professional service early on. Drain Flo Plumbing serves the Brandon, FL, area, so residents should call for their draining cleaning service as a matter of priority.

The other common problem in spring as well as other times of year is the drain clogs that can happen in your home. The kitchen, the bathroom, the utility room, these clogs can happen anywhere.

For instance, not cleaning your plates properly and allowing food debris to travel down the plughole on a routine basis may mean it accumulates over time and clogs your drain.

Hair, grime, and soap scum can gather in your shower plug hole, particularly if you don’t have a hair catcher to prevent them from slipping down into the drain.

As well as roots, your outdoor drains can also experience leaks and drips.

Professional Solutions

You may consider yourself handy around the house but there’s an argument for avoiding DIY drain cleaning.

Many homeowners choose to use drain uncloggers you find on grocery and hardware store shelves, pour them down the plug hole and flush out the clog with some hot water.

These solutions are made up of harsh chemicals that might temporarily clear your drain but they won’t fix the root cause of your problem. The result is you will have to keep using these quick-fix chemical solutions, which over time will cause more damage, not just to your home, but to the environment as well.

A professional drain cleaning service will find a more long-term solution.

It’s also important to note that if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, a DIY solution in one part of the house could mean you cause sewage or water backup in another area of your property, which will mean you calling a drain cleaning service in any case.

You can take care to prevent a clog, however, by cleaning your plates properly and using a drain catcher, but issues can still occur. Here’s what a professional service will be able to do in the event of a problem.

  • Drain Lining

Drain lining is a more permanent fix to help eradicate a “root” problem. It will catch roots and prevent deep damage to your system.

  • Excavation

A drain cleaning service can also clear your drains of large and problematic debris, particularly if the problem has been left to develop over a very long time.

  • Snaking

Snaking is a method that involves delving deep into the pipes to dislodge any blockages and ensure water can flow uninhibited. A drain cleaning service will use this for any standard drain or sewer clog.

  • Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is the use of water through a high-pressure instrument that pushes down any build-up or debris, which can tackle tree roots as well as grease or grime.

  • Replacing Damaged Drains

Just like any other part of your home or property, drains can wear down after some time and need to be replaced. Remember, your pipes and drains are a part of the house that are used most frequently, several times a day, it’s logical that they get corroded, damaged and also weaken and unless you replace them, you’ll suffer a leak that can then cause further damage to your property. Get a drain cleaning service to replace your drains and prevent further damage.

  • Use Camera Technology

So that you’re aware of all the options out there, know that there is camera technology that can be placed in drains now, which means you can keep an eye on recurring clogs, aging pipes, the source of any leaks, or backed-up sewer lines.

Good Old Fashioned-maintenance

Regular maintenance calls will also keep larger problems at bay, and keep costs and long-term damage as distant as possible. Experts like Drain Flo Plumbing can supply an effortless drain cleaning service, serving the Brandon, FL, and surrounding areas – call today.