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Since your water lines are under pressure, problems with the pipes’ condition become apparent more quickly as leaks occur. With drains, signs of trouble tend to occur from backups and flow problems that reduce the gravity-fed transfer of water and waste. Leaks from water lines tend to appear indirectly, also, requiring the water line repair experts at Drain Flo Plumbing to put their talents and technology to work finding the source of the problem. Even when a damp area appears on a wall or ceiling, the water may have used a pipe or board to travel. Major leaks underground or under the concrete slab or foundation may be even more difficult to detect, but the water loss will show up on meter readings and your Temple Terrace, FL water bills more quickly.

Changes In Water Pressure And Flow Aren’t Always Obvious

Many of the problems that suddenly occur in homes, whether with plumbing or in other areas, are actually the result of slow changes over time that are difficult to notice. For instance, if your water supply springs a small leak from corrosion, you probably won’t notice the pressure drop. A few more leaks and you might see an improvement in your lawn from the leaking water, but still, the pressure change from day to day is minimal, even if it’s significantly lower than it was a year ago. If the pipe bursts and the need for a water line repair is obvious, you may also notice that you don’t have the water pressure you need for showers and dishwashing anymore. You’ll soon realize that something’s wrong. The same goes for water flow, where corrosion may reduce the inner diameter of the pipes due to buildup, and slowly limit the amount of water that can pass. It’s as if someone was slowly turning the water supply valve over time, bit by bit reducing your home’s supply. Determining which water line repair is needed to restore your home’s pressure and flow can be a matter of detective work, requiring highly experienced professional plumbers like ours.

Types Of Piping Prone To Corrosion Or Decay

Cast iron and certain other types of metal pipes can corrode over time, especially in response to minerals present in hard water. Plastic or PVC pipes are a great alternative, but older piping with earlier versions of these materials may have decayed to the point where they are prone to leaking and need to be replaced. Re-piping is actually a fairly common practice in older homes, as pipes don’t last forever and the cost of frequent repairs to both the pipes and home can make a whole-house fix an attractive option.

Scoping The Water Lines To Check For Issues

As water line repair experts with experience serving Temple Terrace, FL homes, we have learned a lot about local home construction and water line piping, giving us an advantage in locating leaks and performing targeted water line repairs. From the build date of a given home, we can design our strategy with considerations of how the plumbing was performed at construction time, the materials that were typically used, and common problems we’ve experienced in similar water line repair situations. We then use both classic plumbing methods and modern electronic leak detection technology to locate even small leaks. Electronic equipment uses principles similar to sonar to listen for the high-pitched sound of a leak and then calculate the distance to the leak. This saves us a lot of time on many jobs and saves the homeowner an additional amount in the cost of repairs traditionally involved in closing up leak exploration points.

From The City Line To Your Faucet, What Can Affect Your Water Supply?

City water is typically well managed and supplied at an appropriate pressure. In some cases, high pressure can occur in some parts of the city, and pressure regulators will be required in each home to prevent damage to fixtures and appliances. Low pressure can result from problems such as water main breaks or heavy fire hydrant use. Low pressure presents problems beyond the inconvenience of limited water flow. An issue called backflow can present water line contamination problems as well.

Your plumber can explain these problems and determine if your home faces either high or low pressure. From the city supply, your water line typically crosses under your lawn or landscaping and can leak, especially due to corrosion but also from physical damage such as heavy equipment crossing above. Leaks in the main line can be substantial, showing as especially green patches above, and high water usage by your household that’s not explained, and perhaps has rapidly increased. Inside the home, pressure regulation and water softening equipment can affect the water supply in strange ways if they are malfunctioning. Throughout the house, decaying or corroding pipes can spring leaks that reduce pressure locally and cause damage to your home. Valve problems can also be an issue, and hot water supply issues can involve the water heater.

The Costs Of Leak Damage

An important reason to employ maintenance and experience to take care of water line problems before they arise is to avoid the high cost of leak damage repair. Leak damage inside the house tends to involve costs from repairing dampened materials and mitigating any mold growth that has occurred. Some cuts in walls and other spaces may be required in leak detection, adding further costs to repair those cuts.

Your Water Line Repair Experts

We’re Drain Flo Plumbing, serving clients in Temple Terrace, FL and the surrounding area. Our water line repair experts understand what it takes to make the right repairs and get any leaks you may have under control. We also help manage water pressure, add water softener units to your water supply line, and provide general plumbing services for your home. Give us a call for advice and ideas, or to have us come and get started on a water line repair.