Plumbing Service: Dealing With Corroded Pipes In Older City Lines And Homes | St. Petersburg, FL


As a plumbing service provider for local area homes, we’ve seen the toll that time can take on older pipes. The median age of homes in the area is 50 years, which is beyond the typical lifetime for many types of pipes. Potential problems can include leaks from corrosion that add to your water bill and even damage your walls and ceilings. Corrosion also occurs inside your pipes, especially if the water quality is not what it could be, and the material that accumulates over time narrows the internal diameter of the pipe, affecting water pressure, increasing the potential for leaks as the pressure increases, and decreasing flow in drain lines which can cause a greater number of clogs.

Older Pipes May Look Good On The Outside, But Corrosion Takes Its Toll Inside

The local hard water coming in, and whatever is flowing out, tends to cause corrosion and rust inside pipes, especially cast iron and galvanized. The rust builds-up on the water supply pipes, constricting the inside space like hardened arteries. Loose pipe material will also travel down the line, lodging itself in faucets, filters, and valves, and causing other plumbing problems or even showing up in your drinking water. Our plumbing service sees the rough surface of older pipes catching food, grease, hair, and other materials and adding buildup to the rust. This leads to frequent clogs and trouble further down the pipes than would typically occur on newer ones. The breaking down of the pipe material from corrosion also leads to thinner walls, and eventually, pinhole leaks, then bigger leaks, and emergency plumbing calls later on.

The Area’s Aging Homes And Their Plumbing Concerns

A beautiful home, with classic design and surrounded by well-established trees and landscaping, is a wonderful place to live. It’s important to make sure that the internals are in good shape, though, especially the plumbing. If it hasn’t received plumbing service upkeep over the decades, it’s a good idea to protect the interior now by ensuring that piping is up to date and solid, unlikely to create damage by leaks and drain backups. Modern drain cleaning and inspection techniques can help determine the state of your pipes, and guide your cleaning and repair efforts. As your plumbing service inspects your piping to give you an idea of its condition, this is also a good time to ensure that your local shutoff valves and main water supply shutoff are in good shape, so they can be used to limit the damage if leaks occur.

Watching For Water Supply And Home Plumbing Issues

Don’t forget that aging pipes begin in your yard as they bring your water supply into the house. In fact, the city has been addressing their side of the issue, as many local water lines are getting along in years. Keeping an eye out for common signs of water line leakage such as extra-green patches of grass or landscaping, or unexpected muddy areas of your yard along the pipe, can help you catch leaks that are consuming a lot of water. The same goes for your sewer line, where drain water and the materials it carries can also reveal themselves in over-watered and fertilized areas, along with characteristic sewer odors in your yard. Around your home, check for smells from your drain pipes and damp areas revealing localized leaks, and ask our plumbing service to use detection equipment to find hidden water leaks.

The Re-piping Option And Preventive Measures Before Repair

When your drains are getting slow and the pipes are old, you can take preventive measures to make sure a minimum of clog materials gets into the pipes. Hair traps in the shower and sink, and throwing out garbage instead of using the disposal are two ways to catch a lot of the bulk that might otherwise jam up the works. Ultimately, most homeowners have plumbing services re-pipe their homes with newer, more resilient materials such as copper or PVC. Changing out the pipes is a fairly routine practice, and not only saves on plumbing repairs but also cuts the cost of damaged walls and other surfaces cut to make repairs to the pipes. Leaks also damage walls and can cause much more expensive harm when they are major. Savings on the water bill also adds up, and reduced costs of clog elimination are also a benefit. If the home is likely to go on the market in the future, having new pipes will be a major plus for buyers seeking a home in move-in condition.

St. Petersburg, Fl Private Sewer Concerns

Recently, the local news has noted that the city is asking homeowners to address any private sewer line issues that come to light. As your local expert plumbing service, we can help you deal with any concerns related to your sewer line and any accelerated repair schedule that you might face from local government action. We can inspect your sewer line and determine its condition using small video cameras and, if repairs are truly necessary, we can use the video information to determine which of the modern repair options may be possible, providing alternatives to whole-pipe replacement.

Drain Flo Plumbing Has You Covered For Plumbing Repairs And Upgrades

Our plumbing service professionals can help you create a strategy for dealing with aging plumbing in your St. Petersburg, FL home. We have extensive experience with classic local homes and construction techniques and can use that information to create the most effective plan for pipe repair or replacement if your home needs it. Our video inspection experts gather evidence of pipe condition to provide a concrete basis for making the plan, and any record of leaks or pipe breaks in your home will also help us identify where work is needed most. At Drain Flo Plumbing we’re here to help homeowners plan ahead. Call our plumbing service for help with all your plumbing concerns.