Water Line Repair: Do Major Problems Only Happen To Older Plumbing? in Temple Terrace, FL


Owners of older homes know that plumbing doesn’t last forever, and at some point, important repairs or pipe replacement may be necessary, along with appliance updates and other plumbing changes. What about your newer home? Is it possible that your plumbing will have problems that require pipe replacement or fixture repair, or even water line repair? There are many reasons why homeowners should be prepared to deal with unexpected plumbing problems. At Drain Flo Plumbing, serving Temple Terrace, FL and the surrounding area, we also have some tips for avoiding plumbing surprises in homes of all ages.

Plumbing Issue Prevention Is Important For Homes Of Any Age

Keeping your Temple Terrace, FL home’s drains cleaned, pipes inspected and maintained, and fixtures in good repair is important no matter when your home was built. Regular maintenance can also help spot and anticipate problems such as corrosion or damaged pipes that might otherwise show up as emergencies later on. Your plumber can also perform routine inspections that include water pressure checks both before and after your water filter system if you have one, and water line repair if your water supply pipes are in need of repair or replacement. If your home has certain types of PVC pipe or lead pipes, or the old cast iron pipes or copper are corroded to the point of leaking, we can identify what needs replacing. The age of your home is often an indicator of the type of pipes that were used, so we’ll often ask what year it was built as part of our plumbing inspection routine.

  • Keeping Hot Water Heaters Running Trouble-free

Issues with your hot water heater can arise even when it’s fairly new, but it’s most likely to occur many years later, especially if you have it regularly maintained. Hot water heater maintenance is especially important since their service life is directly related to the corrosion of the tank, and maintenance can help prevent that. A key component is the anode rod, which helps prevent corrosion and also reduces bacteria growth in the tank so that your hot water tastes and smells fresh. Even if you have plenty of hot water, if your showers have a foul smell, it’s time for a hot water heater repair. As part of routine maintenance, we perform two checks that are critical for avoiding leaks and other emergencies: a check of the tank condition and an evaluation of the pressure relief valve to ensure that it is ready to work should the tank pressure rise too far, and functions correctly so that it doesn’t leak at other times.

  • Water Filter Maintenance

Regular checking and cleaning of your water filter or water softener can help keep it functioning well so that it provides great water and also flows freely. It’s important to make sure that your water filter is in good working order before proceeding with water line work in case the water pressure problem is at the filter. Water line repair issues can also include infiltration, where your water filter may be processing excessive material that’s in the water coming from the city supply. This is typically a problem when the water pressure is quite low, and sometimes water utilities will note problems due to a water line break or heavy water usage by fire departments and recommend that nearby households temporarily boil their water to be safe.

  • Water Pressure Regulator

If your city’s water supply pressure is too high to safely feed your home, you may have a water pressure regulator to control the pressure in your house so your appliances and fixtures aren’t damaged by high pressure. It’s a concern that’s also addressed by water hammer arresting devices, which absorb pressure spikes originating inside the home from valves opening and closing, especially those on appliances. The whole-house pressure regulator handles constant high pressure and tends to wear out after several years, so it will need inspection and replacement or repair at some point. This is another possible source of water line repair concerns, as the symptoms of a bad pressure regulator can include low pressure and surprisingly variable water pressure.

  • Checking For Damage To Buried Pipes

If you’ve had heavy equipment or digging in your yard, it’s possible that you might need water line repair because of pressure from overhead weight or direct pipe breakage from equipment used to do the digging. The same goes for the sewer line, and in both cases, video inspection can help to identify issues and their location without extensive digging. Damage may not be immediately noticeable, but over time changes in the grass or landscaping can reveal excessive water or sewage escaping from the damaged pipes. In the case of the water line, monitoring water usage variations can also indicate a need for water line repair, especially if the meter is observed still turning when all water use in the home is turned off. These days, both water line repairs and sewer line fixes are typically more targeted, and may not be as significant of an activity as they were for homeowners in the past.

  • Older Water Line Repairs And Sewer Concerns

These connections to the city services can be some of the oldest pipes in your home. It’s not unusual to find water and sewer lines fifty years old or more, while pipes inside the home have been replaced over time. Careful inspections and monitoring for signs of problems can help prevent emergencies.

Your Local Plumbing Resource For Prevention And Service

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