Plumbing Luxuries Every Home Deserves That A Plumber Can Help With


At Drain Flo Plumbing, we’ve seen the look in the eyes of our customers in the Brandon, FL area when we upgrade their plumbing fixtures to look more stylish and work more conveniently. They realize that it’s the little things that count, and just as in fancy hotel restrooms and luxury kitchens, their homes can make people stop and say “wow,” even when they’re just washing their hands. Are you still twisting a stubborn faucet knob or over-tightening the hot water side to keep it from leaking? Let our plumber swap out that old original fixture that was part of the builder’s discount package and give you a sleek, touchless automatic faucet in its place.

It’s Time To Change From Those Familiar Old Faucets

People get used to their plumbing fixtures, the quirks and challenges of operating them and the limitations of using them. Do you have trouble fitting your water bottle under the faucet spout and filling it up? Do you have to tighten the hot water handle to stop it from leaking? Is there a stain in your sink from long-term drip, drip, dripping? Maybe there’s someone in your home who doesn’t quite have the strength to turn the faucet at times, and has to call for help.

While these issues don’t involve style, they do suggest that your plumber should install a new faucet, and with it will come an important change in your bathroom or kitchen’s appearance. A spout that arches high and delivers a stream of water that you can easily capture in a bottle or reach your hands under is a pleasure. Paddle-operated valves instead of knobs to twist can make your sink accessible to all. And for both fun and accessibility, why not get a touch-free model? All you have to do is wave your hands nearby and the water flows, then shuts itself off automatically. It’s simple and convenient.

Adding Sinks Without A Full Remodel

A little bar sink in the kitchen can help with busy meal prep sessions or let kids come and go without disturbing the chef who’s got the main sink occupied. Our plumbing professional can add one for you, and also design a dual-sink “his and hers” arrangement for your bathroom, a luxury that many couples have found that they enjoy in the morning.

Comfortable Toilets With European Options

A new toilet with water-saving features can be a nice addition as well, including jet-flush, dual flush options, and even a euro-style bidet option if you like. Let our plumber complete your bathroom renewal with a new unit.

Wow, What A Shower!

Depending on your budget and lifestyle, having our plumber upgrade your shower can involve adding a new “rain” style shower head, full-coverage sprays from the sides, or even a luxurious installation which includes a stone or ceramic couch where you lie down and the water falls on you from above. Any of these choices, plus easy-to-operate or electronic controls, will make your life a little easier and a lot more enjoyable. Even if you’re just dashing through the shower on the way to work in the morning, instead of twisting and turning under the small shower head to get full coverage, these modern options will let you stand there while you lather, rinse, and go. Modern designs also include careful water conservation features, so it doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure.

Hot Water Where You Need It

While standards say that your home’s hot water should be set by your plumber at a temperature that allows good hygiene but doesn’t scald children and seniors, you may prefer quickly available, slightly hotter water in your master bedroom or kitchen. A small, tankless inline water heater can do the job, allowing you to fill a container of hot water in the kitchen without wasting gallons running water through the pipes from your main heater until it warms up. Likewise, some of your bathroom fixtures can be supplied by a local heater, providing the temperature you need without the wasted water. An added advantage in large households is that you can draw a bath even when the rest of the family is running showers, cleaning clothes, and operating the dishwasher, without having lukewarm water flow from the tap.

New Pipes Can Be Quite A Luxury, Too

If your home is older, especially if it has PVC pipes that are degrading or metal pipes that are corroding, the biggest thing you can do for your home’s plumbing might be to have our plumbers do a whole or partial re-piping. This is commonly done for Brandon, FL area homes that are at risk of pipe failure or multiple leaks, or homes with pipe types that are known to fail at a certain age, or that introduce contaminants such as lead into the water. We can perform video inspections to determine the state of your pipes.

Combined with upgrades to fixtures and appliances, you can make your home seem like new, potentially increasing it’s value and making it more relaxing to live in since you know the pipes are new. The same goes for your drain and sewer lines, where our plumber can perform visual inspections including one for the sewer main line and take care of any pipe damage or clogs, plus identify any issues in your sewer that will need attention before they become a major issue. Modern sewer repairs, aided by specific video inspection information, can be limited to patching or relining the existing pipe or other strategies that don’t involve replacing the whole pipe. Your home will appreciate the attention, and you’ll appreciate keeping your home’s plumbing flowing cleanly and safely.

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