Plumbing Repair: Its Impact On The Value Of Your Home

Plumbing repair service in Temple Terrace, FL has many features to offer for residents, and Drain Flo Plumbing is no exception. In fact, Drain Flo Plumbing of Temple Terrace, FL offers much of the following: drain cleaning service, disposal repair, water heater repair service, and backflow repair service.

Garbage disposals are one of the many modern wonders that we have come to enjoy over the last several decades. In fact, garbage disposals are one of the most commonly used plumbing features in the home, and one of the first to break down. Signs of garbage disposal breakdowns include food that has been regurgitated back into the sink, strange noises that occur when you turn it on, a stinky smell from old, rotted food and grease, or a disposal that has died suddenly and won’t come back on. Pressing the reset button one too many times is another sign that your disposal is failing, and that it’s time to call your plumber right away. Garbage disposal repair is a vital part of a repair service, and should be inspected right after the first signs of trouble.

To mitigate the possibility of breakdown, it is recommended that residents realize that most garbage disposals can only handle so much food at a time, and that allowing certain substances such as grease, coffee grinds, chicken bones, or other similar materials may cause a breakdown of the system. In fact, coffee grinds and grease have a curious way of aligning themselves along the walls of the disposal’s grinder, and bone can easily break apart and cause it to stop working entirely. Whatever the issue is, you can count on the professionals at Drain Flo to help.

And just as much as you’ve come to rely on your garbage disposal, so have you relied on your water heater to provide you with hours and hours of hot water for showers, laundry, and cleaning. But there comes a point when your water heater will eventually collapse, and when it does, you should call a professional right away.

The signs that your water heater is failing are many. Rusty water indicates the possibility of rust within your tank. In fact, rust and corrosion can lead to significant damage that causes the tank to start leaking, as rust eats away at certain metals that the tank itself is composed of. Sometimes, this could be a symptom of corroded pipes, so both should be inspected when you call for plumbing repair service.

Over time, wear and tear can happen due to age, and the build up of dirt and sediment can cause strange, banging noises. This is indicative of possible failure, as it means that your tank has collected dirt over time. As a preventive measure, it is very important to have your water heater routinely inspected, drained, and cleaned.

Those who look to add more value to their home should consider having their pipes upgraded to new ones. Replacing those old, creaky galvanized pipes with more modern ones should be a priority and are a large part of plumbing repair service. Those who live in older homes should note that the plumbing infrastructure is more likely to consist of galvanized pipes, which can break down easily and without notice.

And its not only brand new pipes that can add more value to your home. The bathroom has a place as one of the intimate yet most visited areas of your home, and increasing your home’s value will need to include a complete makeover of your restroom. Replacing the faucets, toilet, and shower fixtures are but a few of the items that should be on your list. Even replacing the fixtures in your sink can spruce up the aesthetic vibe of your bathroom. Sink models can include shiny brass, polished steel, or brilliant gold, depending on your personal taste. Most may choose a faucet that has a single handle, which can better help the use of hot water by balancing it with cooler water. And choosing two handles to turn on your faucet is not a bad idea, and can work very well if you fill up the sink with hot and cold water mixed together.

Drains can go wrong at any given time, and it’s highly critical to have them checked on a routine basis as a part of plumbing repair service. The signs that your drains are in trouble include water that doesn’t go down right away, or simply won’t go down at all. Stinky odors and a strange, gurgling sound are all signs that your drains are clogged and in need of a serious cleaning.

A routine inspection of your drains is a critical part of good, quality plumbing repair service. It is, in fact, something that should be done every year, and something that should never be put off by any means. Anything can get caught up in your drains, such as food, hair, or solid waste. Grease, oil, soap, and coffee grinds can get stuck and build along the walls of your pipes, thus causing the type of build up that leads to a clogged drain. Even small gadgets and pieces of jewelry have ways of sneaking into your drains, and your plumbing repair service contractor is often aware of this.

Clogged drains can be cleaned with either of two methods: mechanical snaking, or hydro-jetting. Mechanical snaking is used for pulling out tangible items, such as hair, bath tissue, small gadgets, or necklaces. It is not quite so effective with hard grease build up, oil residue, or bits of solid food. With its ability to exert water pressure of up to 60,000 PSI, hydro-jetting can remove the toughest of clogs by breaking them up.

Plumbing repair service encompasses so many items, and the choices are endless. Installing another bathroom is a possibility when it comes to extending the resale value of your home, and is a part of your plumbing repair service. Even routine plumbing maintenance can increase it, and calling a professional for good, quality, plumbing repair service is the best thing you can do for yourself and your home. Call Drain Flo Plumbing today for all your plumbing needs.