Drain Cleaning Service: Clogged Drains Don’t Have To Be Draining in Brandon, FL


Your drains have a funny way of telling you when they want to be cleaned. The nasty messes, the deep-throated gurgling noises, and the funky odors that emanate from deep within your plumbing all point to the signs and symptoms that your drains are in trouble, and those who live in the Brandon, FL area know that it’s time to call a professional for drain cleaning service.

The greatest culprit for major drain clogs is human hair. Those who wash their hair on a routine basis know just how fast hair can accumulate in the shower drain, thus resulting in water backup due to a stopped-up drain. Having strainers in place can help catch a majority of your hair before it attempts to find its way into the sewers via your drain system.

If you wash using a bar of soap, you have to remember one important thing: it contains grease and other minerals that mix with your water and cause hardened residue that lines along the walls of your pipes. And much like grease and oil, this residue can harden once the cool air hits it, thus causing a blockage in your pipes and your drains.

The dirt that accompanies the soap also forms within the walls of your pipes, thus choking up your drains and blocking the water from leaving your home. Simply brushing off the dirt from yourself and your clothes may greatly reduce the likelihood that this could happen, but when it does, calling for drain cleaning service is always a good decision on your part.

Even with the best in garbage disposal technology, it’s rarely wise to allow any type of solid food to make a sail into your drain. In fact, doing so runs the greatest risk of a drain clog, as solid food particles have a nasty way of getting loose from the grinds of your disposal and escaping into your pipes. Drain cleaning service can blast away those stubborn particles and free your drains of solid debris, thus getting the water flowing freely once again.

Any cracks in your pipes should be checked prior to the need for drain cleaning service, as they often attract rocks, tree roots, and other outdoor debris. Anything that comes from the outdoors has the potential to clog up your drains, and may result in the need to hydro-jet your drains to free up space for water passage.

Household chemicals and other DIY measures may appear to save you money, but they can cause significant damage to your pipes and drains. This can worsen the situation by creating more problems in your drains and your entire plumbing system and are therefore ill-advised. In every case, it’s far better to call a professional plumber for your service needs.

In recent years, there has been a huge surge in the use of “flushable wipes,” which is highly oxymoronic. This is due to the fact that the companies that make them fail to inform the public that these wipes are not biodegradable and have the potential to wreak havoc on anyone’s plumbing system.

Other common problems that cause drain clogs include the lime scale build up that collects in your pipes and drains. Residents in Brandon, FL know that this is a problem that can be checked during a routine plumbing inspection where a licensed plumber can get right into the system and check for these mineral deposits. Drain cleaning service should be able to detect and eliminate this type of hardened residue with the use of camera technology where video imaging can detect the source of the problem. From there, hydro-jetting can be used to blast away the grime by applying up to 60,000 PSI of pure water.

Sometime, pet owners may contribute to the drain clogging problem by dumping out old, used cat litter down the toilet and into the sewers. In fact, these tiny clay pellets won’t take very long to block up your drains and cause your water to back up quickly. Yet drain cleaning service can handle this with the hydro-jetting method in a matter of minutes. But homeowners are advised to dump out cat boxes in the garbage can rather than the toilet for future reference.

Old pipes have ways of leaking into your system, which can cause drain water back up and lead to more problems down the road. Sometimes, it’s best to have your pipes inspected for the possibility of cracks, holes, and other damage so you can reasonably assess whether or not you need drain cleaning service right away.

With cracked or corroded pipes, the ground will soften and sag. This is due to the large amounts of water seepage that leaks through to mud and hardened soil, which in turn can fall right into your outdoor pipes and clog up your drain system. In fact, getting your pipes inspected and fixed is the best way to prevent a major water back up into your drains. Factor in heavy rains and there could really be a serious problem.

Pipes which are located outdoors run the risk of collecting tree branches and leaves, along with rock and other solid debris. This debris, in turn, gets right into your plumbing system and leads to drain clogging issues, thus necessitating a call for drain cleaning service.

The amount of water and water waste used in a single household should be factored in when it comes to drains and drain cleaning service. Most plumbers recommend a standard size of roughly 4 inches in diameter, but some may elect to go a few inches bigger for larger homes or for homes who have a much greater resident capacity.

The professionals at Drain Flo Plumbing understand just how vital it is to keep your drains free of clutter and debris. Clogged drains don’t have to be draining, and the problems you see can be detected and resolved with timely, courteous, and professional service. Just call or visit their website and set up an appointment today.