Is Routine Drain Cleaning An Important Service Your Plumber Should Perform On Your Home? Brandon, FL


Most people, from time to time, experience a drain clog. Even with the best of care, clogs can occur somewhere in our plumbing systems. If you experience a clog in your kitchen sink or bathtub, you can contact a plumber from Drain Flo Plumbing to provide drain cleaning service. We can remove the clog and get your plumbing system flowing freely again. However, some Brandon, FL, property owners experience clogs more frequently. It can be extremely frustrating when your plumbing system is stopped up–and drains are actually backing up. In cases where clogs are becoming frequent, it’s probably time to schedule your plumbing pro for drain cleaning.

What Is Drain Cleaning?

If you want all of your drains cleaned, you can contact Drain Flo Plumbing and we’ll send out a plumber to your location to clean your drains. Routine clogs are something to take note of. If no one in your household is introducing items into the drain that shouldn’t be there, the clogs shouldn’t be happening so frequently. It’s likely that there is significant buildup in the drains, which can lead to more frequent clogs. When you contact Drain Flo Plumbing, we’ll send a certified plumberto your home to inspect your drain problem. We will provide the drain cleaning service you need to stop those frequent clogs.

How Is Drain Cleaning Done?

A plumber has various options for performing drain cleaning services. After inspecting your plumbing system, our plumber will decide what type of drain cleaning method is ideal for you. In short, we’ll perform a clog assessment if you have a current clog. After clearing the clog, we can clean the drains.

Sometimes it’s necessary to use an inline camera to inspect a clogged pipe. These are waterproof cameras that show the inside of drains. They can see if there are damaged pipes, tree roots, or other types of debris clogging the line. If it’s just the typical types of debris like grease, hair, soap scum, etc…drain cleaning can push those materials out of the pipes, which should prevent them from clogging frequently.


Your plumbing contractor may choose to clean your drains using hydro-jetting. Hydro-jetting is ideal for removing typical pipe build-up, including hard water minerals and sewage. The powerful jets of water scour the pipes, pushing any debris within them out of your plumbing system and into the main municipal sewer system. Drain Flo Plumbing will assess your plumbing system and clog problems to determine if hydro-jetting is the right technique for the job.

Keep in mind that sending powerful jets of water down your drain is a job best left to a professional plumbing technician. It’s not a DIY type of job. A hydro-jetting machine uses high-pressure water to plow through clogs and clean out drains. Your plumber may recommend using an enzymatic drain cleaner that’s formulated to prevent organic build-up after cleaning your drains.

Snaking And Augering

Snaking and augering are commonly used to clear blockages. A plumbing technician may need to perform snaking with a manual cable-like device or with an electric auger for more stubborn clogs. These tools will break up any clog in place–unless the pipe is damaged or collapsed. However, they do not remove any stubborn build-up. That makes them effective for removing clogs but only semi-helpful for cleaning drains. Again, these are techniques that should be left to a professional plumber. Someone without experience using these devices can damage the pipes, causing extensive and expensive problems.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

Many property owners in Brandon, FL, and elsewhere turn to commercial drain cleaners to clean their own drains, but these products are not recommended. They are extremely caustic and can damage pipes. Moreover, they’re frequently ineffective for cleaning stubborn buildup and removing drain clogs.

Some plumbers may rely on profession-grade drain-cleaning formulas that are non-caustic, non-corrosive, and non-acidic. These high-grade products should also be biodegradable. Again, it’s best to rely on a skilled professional when it comes to drain-cleaning techniques and products. Otherwise, you may risk damaging your valuable plumbing system.

Maintaining Clean Drains

After Drain Flo Plumbing cleans your drains, you can maintain that clean by being careful about what’s introduced to your plumbing system. Always avoid pouring oil or grease down your sink. These materials will harden and form blockages that are among the most stubborn. Protect your drains from hair and other debris by using mesh catches that block such items from flowing into your plumbing system. Some people opt to have their drains cleaned professionally each year, but that’s something to address with your plumbing contractor. Some households require that level of cleaning while others may not.

When Drain Cleaning Doesn’t Work

While professional drain cleaning is effective for cleaning drains, it can’t solve a damaged pipe problem. If there are damaged pipes, they need to be replaced. Moreover, if you have a damaged or collapsed section of pipe, there is probably leaking going on too. It’s crucial to allow a trained plumbing service provider to assess the situation and perform the ideal repairs.

Drain Flo Plumbing: Drain Cleaning Services And More

Drain Flo Plumbing features certified plumbing professionals who have years of experience. If your home is experiencing frequent clogs, let a plumbing pro evaluate the problem. We have the tools and equipment to tackle clogs efficiently and safely. Our plumbers can also provide leak detection service, sump pump installation, water heater repairs, and more.

If you live in Brandon, FL, and need drain cleaning or other professional plumbing solutions, contact Drain Flo Plumbing. We’re known for our reliability, expertise, and honesty. We won’t recommend any services that aren’t expressly needed. Call us if you want to schedule drain cleaning service or if you need fast clog-clearing solutions.