If You Need To Inspect Your Plumbing, Having A Plumbing Company Use An In-Line Camera Is Your Best Option


With the considerable technological advancements, plumbing has also risen significantly. Plumbers can use many high-technology tools in their daily jobs to make work easier. One of these technologies is the use of inspection cameras. Using these cameras, the plumbing company can inspect the drains, water lines, sewer lines, and other pipes within your plumbing without having to excavate your or even damage your Temple Terrace, FL home. The plumbers also use this technology to locate any underlying issues within your plumbing system and take the necessary measures to fix the problem.

What Is An Inspection Camera?

This is a unique, specially designed, waterproof camera that a plumber from a reliable plumbing company can insert into the sewer lines, drainage systems, or water lines. They allow a complete visual inspection of the plumbing system without digging or excavating your yard. The inspection cameras are designed for inspecting the pipes buried beneath the ground, behind the walls, encased in concrete, and below your house’s foundation. But what are the benefits of using inspection cameras on your plumbing?

Requires Fewer Permits

The traditional methods of underground pipelines, such as the sewers and water lines, require excavation. This also means that you might need a permit to do so. Rather than dig through your yard or lawn, this equipment uses the available openings to travel through the pipes, recording everything. Upon analysis of the video, the plumber from your reliable plumbing company will know the source of the troubles within your plumbing system.

Leakage Detection

Plumbing leaks might prove costly in the long run. Although some appear on the surface, others might arise in deep underground pipes, behind the walls, or even under the slab. Besides costing you a fortune in energy utility bills, the leaks also might damage the structural integrity of your home.

However, when a plumber comes armed with an inspection camera to check the status of your plumbing, they can pinpoint the exact location of the leakage. With an inspection camera, the era of making educated guesses is gone. This means that the problem can be resolved earnestly to avert further damage.

Locate Fractures Or Cracks In The Plumbing

The other common plumbing issue that might result in huge losses is broken or cracked lines. If the sewer line is broken, the sewer might leak into your yard or your Temple Terrace, FL home’s foundation. This in itself is a hazard. Though many things might make your lines break, the soil is one of the leading causes.

Because the ground shifts, the soil might start shifting the pipes too. Besides breaking the pipes, this also impacts the structural integrity of your plumbing and may result in blockages. Fortunately, the plumbing company might help you deal with this problem by replacing the affected pipes and stabilizing the surrounding soil.

It Helps Locate The Cause Of The Clog

Since the inspection camera can also view the blockages, it can help identify the reason for them. If the clog is not occurring in the drains, it is probably buried deeper down the sewer lines. In some cases, the clog is caused by an accumulation of debris and hair inside the piping. However, tree root is also notorious for causing clogs in some cases.

Although you might use a drain snake to remove the obstruction, the issue is sometimes more complicated, especially if tree roots cause the blockage. As the tree roots grow larger or thicker, they might even rapture the pipes, resulting in sewer spillage around your yard. Fortunately, the plumber can replace or reroute the pipes after the video indicates the tree root incursion.

Helps In Property Appraisal

Although plumbing inspection by a reputable plumbing company is not needed during property appraisal and inspection, it can help a prospective homeowner better understand the property’s overall value. This can be critical when bargaining for a better deal. For the realtor, inspecting their plumbing can reveal some areas that need touches or even replacement. It is a well-established fact that plumbing renovation and upgrades can increase the overall value of any Temple Terrace, FL home. The prospective buyers expect that the plumbing system is operational before making the down payment or signing the deed of transfer.

Camera Inspections Eliminate Unnecessary Digging

Initially, the plumbing company’s technician had to dig your yard or lawn to locate the plumbing issue. Because it was all based on guessing, sometimes it could leave a lot of damage on your lawn or yard. Fortunately, using inspection cameras to check the status of the drains, sewers, or even water lines eliminate the need for digging or excavation.

In fact, with other methods such as CIPP, the affected part can be patched or repaired without digging up your yard. Since the camera inspections are less invasive, they are environmentally friendly. Additionally, you will not incur excavation labor and landscaping restoration costs. Hence, it is a cheaper option compared to traditional inspection methods.

Helps In Determining  The State Of The Inner Parts Of Your Plumbing System

Although you can’t monitor the status or condition of the inner parts of your plumbing always, you have to ensure that the system is running smoothly. A camera inspection is a technology that allows homeowners to stay ahead of any plumbing issue non-intrusively. Using this technology, the plumbing company can pinpoint the issues in the piping and fix them without considerable expenditure.

Since it is cheap, you can have a plumber routinely inspect the pipes to locate any issue before it is too late. Do you have a home insurance policy? You can use the video footage collected during the plumbing inspection as a visual reference when making a claim. The footage can also be used as evidence of the service cost to get the right compensation.

Your Savvy Plumbing Company

As you can see, camera inspections have a lot of benefits over the traditional methods of inspections. To ensure that your plumbing system remains in good health, you should hire a plumbing company for routine inspection and maintenance. This helps you stay ahead of any problems, including leaks or clogs. Do you need your water lines, drainage system, or sewer lines inspected? Call us at Drain Flo Plumbing today for an in-depth inspection.