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Noisy pipes are an unwelcome distraction in any household. Many homeowners will try to tolerate the noise for as long as they can before calling a plumber. The truth of the matter is that it’s actually better to call a professional as soon as possible in order to determine what the cause of the problem is. It’s better to solve the issue as soon as possible rather than later. Those who wait may find that the problem will worsen as time goes on, and that they’ll spend a significantly more amount of money fixing the problem at a later date.

Here, at Drain Flo Plumbing, our professionals offer all-inclusive services. We are able to offer all types of plumbing services in area. Give us a call, and we’ll send a professional out to take a look at the problem. With that said, here are 5 of the most common causes of noisy water pipes.

#1. A Worn Out Ballcock Assembly

A good way to diagnose the root cause of noisy water pipes is to determine when the noise starts to kick in or what happened prior to the noise. One of the most common causes of noisy water pipes comes from the toilet. If you hear a banging or rattling noise coming from the pipes after you’ve flushed the toilet, there’s a good chance that the ballcock assembly is either worn or damaged. The ballcock assembly is the oldest type of fill valve around, but it is also the most dependable version, which is why it is commonly installed in most homes.

One of our plumbers will need to take a look at your toilets to determine the extent of the damage. In some situations, you might be able to repair the ballcock assembly; however, most professionals would generally recommend replacing it with a new one, as this will generally be most cost-effective.

#2. A Broken Main House Valve

If the noisy water pipes seem to resonate throughout the entire house, then the cause of the problem may lie with the main shut-off valve or the water pressure regulator. Generally, this means that there’s something loose or that there’s a leak somewhere on these parts.

Our professionals will attempt to diagnose the problem by turning off the water at the street value first. We will then take a look at the main house valve and figure out whether your best bet is to replace or repair it. If we can’t find the issue at the valve, we’ll start to look at the pressure reducer on the incoming cold water line. Usually, the issue can be isolated in the reducer’s manifold.

#3. Loose Pipes

Another common cause for noisy water pipes is loose pipes. Usually, you’ll hear a rattling type of sound underneath your floorboards. The water inside the pipe moves rapidly and in such a large volume that it can easily cause the pipes to sway and move. This creates an incredibly loud rattling sound that resonates from the floor up.

In these situations, our plumbers will need to crawl under the house to find the source of the loose pipes. Most drain pipes are suspended from floor joints under the house, so it should be easy to identify which pipes are loose by simply listening and looking around. Most pipes can be tightened rather quickly and easily.

#4. A Worn Out Washer

If you hear a squealing sound when faucets are turned on, then there’s a good chance that the noisy pipes come from a worn out washer in a faucet or a valve. This will produce a whistling or squeaking sound from the water pipes.

The solution for this problem is rather simply. Our plumbers will simply look for the washer that’s the problem by shutting off all of the valves and checking the washers in the house one by one. If any of the washers are worn or cracked, then most professionals will recommend replacing them. Replacements are generally relatively affordable, and once the part is replaced, you will no longer need to suffer through the unbearable noises.

If we can’t find a problem with the washers, the next step is to look at the faucets. They may have a leak that needs repairing or they may be worn down to the point where they need to be replaced. Our plumber will determine what the problem is, and show you what the best solution may be.

#5. Water Hammering

Last but not least, noisy pipes can be caused by something known as water hammering. This is when water rushes through the pipes and out of the faucets with such incredible speed and force that they produce loud, annoying sounds when you shut off the faucets. This is because the water suddenly has nowhere to go.

In these situations, there are several different solutions. Our plumbers may recommend installing commercial air cushions that will help absorb some of that energy from the water. Or they may recommend shutting off the main water valve, opening all the faucets and draining the entire house. When the main water valves open again, the air inside will rush back into the air cushion. This will get rid of the noise.

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