Finding A Plumbing Service: 3 Signs That There’s Something Wrong With Your Toilet’s Float Valve Assembly in St. Petersburg, FL


If there’s something wrong with your toilet, you should inquire about our plumbing services. Our plumbers will be able to schedule in an appointment that fits your timetable, and will be able to diagnose the problem by taking a look at your toilet.

The flushing motion of most toilets are controlled by two different mechanisms: the flush valve and the float valve assembly. The float valve assembly is the most simple fill valve available, but it is also the most reliable and dependable. It will fail after numerous years, but the repairs are usually rather simple. To get a good look at the float valve assembly, lift the lid of your toilet tank and look inside.

If there’s something wrong with your toilet’s float valve assembly, you’ll notice certain issues pop up. Here are 3 signs that there’s something wrong with your toilet’s float valve assembly and that you need to call us to inquire about our plumbing services. We offer services in many areas of Florida, like St. Petersburg, FL, and we also offer coupons and discounts for those who are looking for the services that they need at an affordable price. Schedule an appointment online or give us a call for more information on the types of services that we offer.

Toilet Bowl Constantly Overflows

Does water rush into the toilet bowl and overflow even though you don’t see anything that could potentially be clogging the toilet? The most common reason for this happening is a broken float valve assembly. Specifically, the part of the assembly that’s broken is the part that is supposed to know when to stop flushing. This part is usually known as the floater. It is a balloon-shaped plastic floater that rises with the water level. It is connected to an arm that will trigger the water to stop once the water rises to a specific level.

If the floater is damaged, water can seep inside and cause the floater to appear heavier than it’s supposed to be. This will make it much more difficult for the floater to float to the level needed to stop the flushing. As a result, your toilet will overflow time and time again although nothing may seem to be clogging it.

The type of plumbing service needed to fix this problem is relatively simple and easy. Our plumbers will find a suitable replacement to replace the floater. As we have access to more parts, we are able to find what you need at a bargain price. We’ll also install it correctly, so that the part is much less likely to fail in the future.

Toilet Bowl Fails To Fill Completely

Another common sign that there’s something wrong with your toilet’s float valve assembly is when the toilet bowl fails to fill completely? Normally, this is what happens. You flush the toilet and wait for the tank to refill the bowl, but you’ll notice that nothing happens regardless of how long you wait.

Your toilet’s water level looks ridiculously low. Our plumbers can offer various plumbing services to help solve this problem, but they’re going to need to take a look at your toilet first, as there are many causes for this. Some of the most common causes include:

  • A blocked float valve bottom. This can happen with time, especially if the source of water coming into your home isn’t particularly clean. There’s usually a little bit of dirt. If the dirt somehow settles at the bottom of the float valve and blocks it, your toilet bowl will fail to fill completely. This area can also be blocked with rust or other particles.
  • A stuck flapper. If the flapper doesn’t open, water won’t be able to fill into the toilet bowl. Instead, the water will remain in the tank.

If the flapper or the chain of the float valve assembly is the problem, the plumbing serviceneeded to fix the problem is relatively simply. Our plumbers will usually replace the flapper and chain. We’ll find the parts that you need at a great price. If the water supply route is the problem, the solution is a bit more complex. You’ll need to replace the entire assembly.

Toilet Runs All Day Long

Last but not least, you’ll know that there’s something wrong with your toilet’s float valve assembly if your toilet runs all day long without stopping. This happens when small amounts of water continue to fill into the toilet bowl from the tank throughout the day, and it usually means that the flapper is partially open.

The flapper can easily wear down due to several reasons. Some of the most common ones include rust, a flaw in the design or a chain that’s slightly too long. This is perhaps one of the easiest problems to solve, and won’t take a long time.

So, what’s the best solution in this scenario? Simple. You can replace the flapper or even modify the chain using an attaching clip.

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