Water Line Repair: What Can Damage Your Water Line in Temple Terrace, FL


Water serves a vital role in the local community and your household. Maintaining environmental hygiene can be difficult without this essential resource. Many industries and businesses also rely on it for various production activities. To reach your commercial or residential Temple Terrace, FL property, the water passes through an intricate system of canals and pipes managed by the local water utility company. It then enters your business or home’s plumbing system and, finally, your house.

The municipal water supply is called a mainline, and it enters your home through a water line. So, your home’s water line ensures you have safe and clean water when you need it.

However, the waterline and the mainline may develop problems, leaving your locality or residence without water. Because the water lines form part of your home’s plumbing infrastructure, any damage could highly inconvenience you and your family. The water line is built to last for 50-70 years. So, continue reading for more information on water line repairs, including what can damage the waterline.

  • Overgrown Tree Roots

The trees and bushes you have planted to boost the aesthetic feel of your yard can damage your water line. As the roots continue growing, they might penetrate the water line’s piping material. Consequently, they may cause the pipes to burst sometimes. The infiltration of the roots can cause blockages, affecting the efficiency of the plumbing system at your home.

Seek professional help from your closest water line repair expert when you have overgrown tree roots in your yard. The roots can grow far from the bushes or trees, making it hard to know how extensive the water line is damaged.

The water line technicians have the necessary tools to identify the problem with your water line without digging up your entire backyard. After mapping out the damage extent, they can recommend the replacements or minor repairs required.

  • Wear And Tear

Regardless of the water line material, it is still prone to the gradual deterioration caused by wear and tear. For example, the plumbing system in your home may comprise copper and can only last for 20-50 years. Other water lines are PVC, steel, CPVC, or iron.

As the days progress, the plumbing slowly starts degrading, and the leaks might become increasingly frequent. Depending on the material, your water line requires routine inspection by a water line repair technician.

The local plumbing service company can replace certain sections of your water line or patch up minor leaks to prevent the problem from worsening. If your water line has suffered extensive damage, the technician may recommend its entire replacement. Rather than make multiple repairs frequently, replacing it might be a cheaper alternative.

  • Ground Shifts

It is assumed that the soil’s status quo will not change when installing the residential water lines. However, certain conditions can cause movement in some soil layers, disrupting the shape and course of the water lines.

In most cases, these adjustments make it necessary to seek help from a water line repair expert in your area. The technicians can help determine your home’s ground layout, movements, and the impacts of the shifts on your plumbing system.

After assessing these aspects, the water line service can replace the water line to avoid future damages. The technicians can also install various reinforcements to help your waterline maintain its integrity and shape.

  • Acidic Soil

The type of soil in your property can have a significant bearing on the structural integrity of the entire plumbing system at your home. The chemical composition of the soil might corrode the piping materials. The rate at which the pipes corrode depends on the material used. For instance, experts in water line repair advise homeowners to be cautious of copper pipes. The soil’s acidic conditions can elevate its rate of corrosion. Using iron pipes is highly discouraged.

If the exterior side of the water line pipes is stained, it is a powerful sign of corrosion. Have you noticed this occurrence in your home’s plumbing system? Contact a water line technician at the earliest.

The technician will test the soil pH and, depending on their findings; they will offer professional sound solutions. Sometimes, the technician will recommend switching to a different plumbing material better suited for your home’s soil conditions.

Alternatively, the technician can install a protective covering or insulation. They may also advise you to plant vegetation that can change the soil pH or replace the water line entirely. Changing your home’s soil is also another idea the technician may front to alter the pH levels of your soil. A landscaping company might help you with this.

  • Constantly Changing Thermal Conditions

Outdoor temperature conditions can affect the structure of your home’s water line. For homeowners who live in regions experiencing frequent changes between cold and hot weather, the thawing may affect the plumbing pipes at their homes and the freezing of water inside. A local water line repair professional can offer you long-lasting and practical solutions.

They identify and fix the problematic areas by insulating your pipes to prevent constant thawing and freezing. Your water line technician can recommend various kinds of insulation. However, most experts recommend wrapping, or you install frost-proof outdoor spigots. The waterline technician may recommend insulating only the affected portion, based on the damage extent. However, many homeowners prefer insulating the entire water line. It yields better results.

  • High Water Pressure

High water pressure is desirable. However, most homeowners do not realize that extensive water line damage may result from high water pressure. If your home’s water gauge is not calibrated correctly, it may cause a high water pressure, leading to pipe bursts.

You can easily avoid water line damages caused by the high water pressure. Call a water line repair technician. They will mount a device that ensures the water pressure remains at an acceptable level.

Water Line Repair Services In Temple Terrace, Fl Water Line Repair Services In Temple Terrace, Fl

A water line is a vital plumbing fixture in delivering safe and clean water to your home. Homeowners need to ensure a professional water line service company maintains them regularly. Their technicians are adequately equipped to handle the plumbing repair, replacement, and installation services.

However, knowledge of what may damage your water line is vital. It is only then that you can take mitigating steps. It ensures your water line remains intact and you have a constant safe and clean water supply.

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