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Myths and Misconceptions that Our Water Line Repair Professionals Have Encountered Without a doubt, plumbing is one of the most critical home systems. The advances in plumbing technologies were crucial to people developing dense urban communities. Today, many homes can barely function without an efficient plumbing system. Hence, it is ironic that although the plumbing system is mainly responsible for supplying homes with clean water and draining the wastes away, most people do not know a lot about their piping, leave alone water line repair. At best, some people’s knowledge is limited and mainly comprises myths and misconceptions.

Having some plumbing knowledge can help you prevent expensive mistakes and act whenever an issue crops up. Without having sufficient knowledge, most homeowners in Temple Terrace, FL, may end up exercising some unsafe plumbing habits and ignoring the warning signs until they are faced with expensive repair and utility bills. After several years in business, below are some of the myths that our handymen at Drain Flo Plumbing have encountered.

Chemical Or Liquid Drain Cleaners Are Safe

Average drain cleaners are made from highly corrosive chemicals. Although liquid drain cleaners are affordable and may clear the clog quickly, they are highly corrosive and may eat into your plumbing system. They might even not clean the pipes. After extensively using these drain cleaners, leaks or even clogs may form within your plumbing and may require an expensive repair that may likely involve the replacement of the damaged pipes. Bacteria are vital in the septic tank ecosystem because they break down waste. However, using chemical drain cleaners can kill these bacteria, making the septic system less efficient, increasing the probability of overloading the septic system.

There are various home solutions to unblock a clogged drain. You can use a mixture of hot water and dish soap, baking soda, or a combination of borax, vinegar, and salt. Unlike liquid drain cleaners, these alternatives don’t riddle your pipes with holes forcing you to pay for the high water line repair costs in the future.

However, we recommend hiring a plumber if you need drain cleaning services. They will use industry-approved standards and cleaners to clean your drains, giving your home a fresher look.

Faucets Will Start Dripping Eventually

Many homeowners falsely believe that leaking faucets are not a big deal. However, that steady, slow drip of water may cause a lot of damage to their home in the long run. A faucet that drips at a high rate (about 120 drips per minute) can waste like 330 gallons of water every month and add an extra amount to your monthly water bill.

Besides increasing your home’s water utility bills, leaks also cause wear and tear to the plumbing, encouraging mildew and mold growth. If your faucets leak on the floor, it also causes structural damage and wood rot over time. Fortunately, all the bleak outcomes above can be avoided easily. Contact a water line repair technician whenever you notice that your faucets are dripping.

Low Water Pressure Is Only A Nuisance

Has the low water pressure from the shower heads ever raised your alarm bells? When was the last time? To many homeowners, the answer to the questions above is probably never. For most residents of Temple Terrace, FL, having low water pressure is just another unfortunate nuisance. They have already become accustomed to such. However, low water pressure could be a sign of another underlying problem within your plumbing. The underlying problem is severe if the low water pressure is in your plumbing fixtures. It may be most probably because of a leak or a clog within the water supply lines in such a case.

If making adjustments to the pressure valve on your main water supply pipes doesn’t revert the water pressure levels to normal, you might be staring at a leak within the pipes. To remain safe, call a water line repair expert to diagnose and resolve the problem with water pressure. If there is a leak or a clog, the plumber will clean pipes and patch the fracture or cracks, ensuring the water pressure returns to normal pressure.

You Can Flush Anything Down The Toilet

Most people think or believe anything can be flushed down the toilet. After all, the water will drain them away. So, they end up using the toilet for food waste disposal. Besides being an unhygienic practice, it can result in many issues within your drains. Only toilet paper and human wastes break enough to pass through the small piping that makes your plumbing system.

Anything else increases the chance of a blockage significantly. This includes the “flushable” wipes. You could cause a sewage backup in the immediate community by clogging the local pump system. The Municipal waste utility provider will have to enlist the services of a water line repair professional in clearing the clog. Never flush the items below the toilet because they force you to call a water line repair expert.

  • Kitty Litter
  • Hair
  • Medication
  • Grease, oils, fats
  • Flushable or disposable diapers
  • Dental loss
  • Cigarette butts
  • Napkins and paper towels
  • Nutshells, coffee grounds, or eggshells
  • Baby wipes, Disinfectant pipes
  • Q-tips and cotton pads
  • Condoms, sanitary towels, and tampons

Bleach Keeps Your Toilet Fresh And Clean

This makes some sense, doesn’t it? People use bleach to brighten, remove stains, and whiten, so why not use it for cleaning your toilet? Bleach is a harsh solution that shares a lot with liquid drain cleaners.

Bleach-filled tablets have high concentrations of the chemical that this corrosive liquid may damage the inner workings of your toilet in about six months if they are left sitting in the bowl indefinitely. Don’t let the bleach sit in the bowl for long, and only use bleach when you absolutely must. If you are very liberal about bleach use, contact a water line repair technician for plumbing emergencies.

Water Line Repairs In Temple Terrace, Fl

The plumbing myths like the ones above prevent homeowners from taking the necessary care of the plumbing systems or spot the potential plumbing issues at their homes early. Because plumbing issues tend to accumulate and increase in severity over time, acting on such misconceptions and myths might cost you a fortune in repairs in the future. Fortunately, Drain Flo Plumbing is here to help. Call us today for any water line repair issues in your home.