Water Line Repair: Has Your Grass Been Growing Extra Well Or Is Your Landscaping Thriving Over Your Underground Water Line? | Temple Terrace, FL


Issues like contamination of your home’s water supply and hundreds of gallons of expensive wasted water leaking out can occur as a result of damaged water lines. It’s not always obvious at first that you need a water line repair. At Drain Flo Plumbing, since 2008 we’ve seen many ways that underground leaks and water supply lines in your walls can show that they’re in trouble, and we know many effective ways to make a cost-effective fix. If your home in the Temple Terrace, FL area is using a lot of water unexpectedly or has any of these other signs that water is leaking, we’re the ones to call for repair work.

Dirty, Rusty, Smelly Water In Your Pipes

Leaks in the water line can also allow contamination of the water, a form of backflow into the line from the surrounding soil. This can bring in dirt and cause corrosion, leading to poor water quality due to color, odor, or taste. Prompt water line repair is needed in these cases for your family’s health as well as water conservation.

Unusually High Water Bills For No Apparent Reason

If no one has suddenly started using a lot of water, the kids haven’t come home from college or anything like that, the sudden change in water usage may be due to a leak in the yard or under the slab, and water line repair may be the solution.

Water Puddles In Your Yard Above Your Water Supply Pipe

Significantly increased water consumption is most likely to appear as the accumulation of water in your yard, and puddles due to the saturation of the soil are one way it may show. The location may also indicate the cause, such as near a tree where the roots grow, or in an area where heavy equipment drove through. If your pipes are older cast iron or other material that corrodes or decays over time, you may see multiple puddles from multiple leaks, and water line repair will be more complicated.

Wet Spots On Basement Walls Or On Floors, Walls Or Ceilings Throughout Your Home

Leaks near to your foundation or even underneath it if the piping is routed there can cause the water table to be artificially high in that area so leaks come through the concrete. For leaks inside your house, often due to older, vulnerable pipes like cast iron or some types of PVC, you may experience one or two incidents of water line repair before the topic of re-piping comes up.

Low Water Pressure

When you need a water line repair, the leak will reduce the water pressure as it diverts flow into the ground or into your home somewhere, even under the basement slab. Low water pressure also comes from water main breaks and fire department activity nearby and is a risk for backflow water supply contamination.

Potholes Or Sinkholes

Kind of like quicksand, when enough water from your pipe needing water line repair saturates the surrounding soil, the soil becomes a loose, wet mixture that loses structure and creates a treacherous pothole or sinkhole. It may still have grass above, providing a confusing trap for the unsuspecting.

Sounds Of Water Constantly Running

An observant homeowner might notice sounds of water, and assume a toilet is filling or someone in the house is using water. Eventually, though, the constant sound will catch their attention as something unusual, because typical water usage lasts for seconds, minutes at most. The water is going somewhere, and until it’s found and a water line repair completed, there’s a problem occurring within the system.

Water Meter Moving Continually

Your water meter typically sits idle unless someone is using water, although many homes have a few leaks that can waste gallons of water per hour and slowly move the meter. Our plumbers can help you locate many of these leaks and fix the toilets or faucets that need a quick repair, but when the water meter is moving more quickly, especially with no one in the house, it’s time for a hunt and water line repair.

Detective Work

There may not be a motive, but there’s probably an opportunity for the water to escape brought on by one of these potential causes, or something similar:

  • Tree roots that have overgrown and intruded on the pipe
  • Buildup of minerals from the water or the surrounding soil
  • High water pressure from the city supply (you probably have a pressure control valve in your home if so)
  • Movement of the soil around the water supply pipe, either from heavy equipment above or natural causes
  • Naturally acidic soil conditions corroding the pipe over time
  • General deterioration over time for materials such as cast iron or PVC.

In-home Pipe Replacements

Re-piping is sometimes the solution if your older pipes are corroding and are no longer reliable. Since Florida’s water tends to be quite “hard” due to dissolved minerals which cause corrosion, this is a common home repair and saves a lot of cost in leak repair and wall and ceiling reconstruction.

Main Water Line Replacement And Repair

As with sewers, main water lines that have defects can sometimes be repaired with techniques that don’t require digging a full trench and replacing the line. If replacement is the appropriate repair, however, our team works quickly and efficiently to perform the water line replacement, keeping the disruption to your family’s day to a minimum.

Water Line Detectives Serving Temple Terrace, Fl And The Surrounding Area

Over a decade of detective work and quality plumbing repairs makes us the ones to call when you suspect that you have a water leak damaging your Temple Terrace, FL home. If you’re wasting water or risking contamination of your water supply as it passes through your yard, or experiencing indoor damage, we’ll act quickly to solve the problem. We’re Drain Flow Plumbing, your local professional plumber. Call us for all your plumbing needs.