Water Heater Repair: From Your Water Heater To Your Sinks And Laundry, Hot Water Takes Special Care


Water Heater Repair Is Only Part Of Your Hot Water Supply Maintenance

As your commercial and residential plumber in Brandon, FL, we tend to your plumbing issues from clogged drains to overflows and leaks. There’s a lot we do, but one of the more complex jobs is taking care of the hot water side of your plumbing. Water heater repair is a big part of that, but we also maintain the pipes, valves, and connections that bring your hot water where it needs to be. Much of the time, the heat can cause more rapid wear on valves and seals, and as the water passes through cooler spaces, it can transition to warm water, which isn’t going to make your shower quite as nice. As with everything we do as professional plumbers, we do it thoroughly. Here’s some information on how.

Water Heater Inspection

If you’re not a fan of mops and buckets, our repair service is perfect for you. We are very glad to perform inspections and make repairs, catching corrosion before you get 40 or so gallons soaking into your basement rug. We’ll keep an eye on solder joints and overflow valves, and make sure that your heating equipment is operational and set to the right temperature.

Water Heater Repair And Installation

An important tank-based water heater repair job is the replacement of the heating element. You might get a bit of the stored hot water out after it fails, but sooner or later you’ll be taking cold showers and washing in cold water. If our inspection identifies corrosion, pipe, and joint problems, or other integrity issues with your hot water system, we’ll let you know what we can do. When it’s time, we’ll recommend a new model before this one forces your hand. We’re experts at maneuvering the new model into your basement or other tight space, hooking it up, and making sure everything is perfect, plus hauling the old unit out. There’s nothing like the feeling of knowing where you stand with your water heater, not wondering if it’s getting too old and ready to let go.

Water Heater Tank Size

If your space usage has changed, for instance, if you’re a commercial customer who’s added showers or laundry facilities to an office building, we can help you size your water heater to meet those new needs, even combining a couple of units for double the capacity. We first make sure that you don’t need water heater repair on your existing unit since a poorly functioning unit can seem like it doesn’t have enough hot water. We can work with you do to the math and calculate just how much water you’ll typically use, and recommend capacity from those figures.

Hot Water Temperature Adjustment

Did you know that your hot water heater temperature is usually adjustable? By changing the top temperature you can change your energy usage and also reduce the likelihood of scalding when kids and those who have lost sensitivity in their hands use the faucets. Ask us about yours.

Tankless Water Heaters, Whole-house And Localized

Some people prefer tankless water heaters, especially those that work in conjunction with an existing furnace. We’ll perform water heater repair on those too, and make sure that they are operating efficiently and leak-free. If your tankless system isn’t meeting your needs, we can recommend alternatives. One suggestion we make, especially for kitchens and bathrooms a long way from the utility room, is localized tankless water heaters that provide instant-on hot water for sinks and other uses because they’re fitted underneath the sink or nearby.

Issues With Hot Water Pipes

Hot water enhances corrosion and material leaching from pipes. That’s one reason that it’s better to start your coffee maker with cold water, though there are others. Hot water also causes more expansion and contraction, especially for metal pipes, resulting in faster degradation of joints and valves.

Faucet Leaks On The Hot Water Side

You’ll often find that the hot water causes your sink’s faucet to leak while the cold water still shuts off cleanly. When we’re visiting for any plumbing service, ask us to repack the faucet and that should be corrected.

Water Hammers On Hot Water Lines

Your automatic valves on clothes washers and dishwashers may start causing “water hammers” which we can fix with a special device inserted in the line, avoiding the damage that sharp vibrations will cause.

Health Issues From Pipe Corrosion And Leaching

Since hot water can cause more material to be released into your water, it’s important to let it run for a moment, purging the more heavily contaminated hot water that’s been sitting in the line. Sometimes, when you’re in need of water heater repair, material from the water heater will flow out through the faucet as well. That usually won’t stop after a few minutes and is a sign that it’s time to check out your tank.

Hot Water’s Important For Drain Health

Hot water has a major benefit in helping your pipes to flow better. If you have grease in the drain, either intentionally in your kitchen or unintentionally as part of bathroom sink use and showers — soap scum is very similar to grease — a good flow of fully hot water will help the material to dissolve and avoid lining the pipe, combining with hair and other material and building a big clog. Older iron pipe is especially susceptible to grease accumulation as the inside of the pipe corrodes and becomes rough.

Your One Call For Water Heater Repair And General Plumbing

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