Plumbing Checklist When Buying A Home in Tips from Your Tampa, FL Plumber


When you are buying a house, there are a number of things you have to consider. You need to have a plumbing inspection done. In Tampa, FL, good plumbing is essential for every house. Even if the house is in good condition, you need to confirm the plumbing works. Over time, the materials used in plumbing suffer from wear and tear. Having a plumber check all the aspects of your plumbing will give you peace of mind knowing you are making a good investment. Here is a plumbing checklist you can look at before you close the deal:

1.  Check The Water Heater

When you want to take a hot shower and the water is cold, you might get disappointed. You need to have the water heater checked to see if it works properly or is in need of replacement. If the heater is old, you might want to have a new one installed to avoid any issues in the future.

2.  Test The Toilets

No one likes having a backed-up toilet. it is embarrassing when the toilet refuses to flush after you have used it. For this reason, you need to test all your toilets. You need to ensure that the toilets are in working condition. It is better to fix any problems now than to wait until after it gets worse.

3.  Check If The Water Is Safe

One of the most important things you need to check is if the water is safe for use. Even if you plan on drinking bottled water, you need to ensure the water is safe for bathing and other uses. If the water is discolored, you need to find out the source. You would not want to have to use discolored water for cooking or cleaning.

At times, you might get discolored water since someone might be pumping in the area. However, the change should be temporary and the water should clear after a while. If the water is constantly discolored, there could be a bigger issue like old rusty pipes that need to be changed.

4.  Check The Water Pressure

Have you ever tried taking a hot shower when the water pressure is low? It is annoying. That is why you need to ensure that your water pressure is okay. Having low water pressure is not only annoying, but it also means that you might be having more serious problems.

5.  Check The Drains

Everyone has a problem with clogged drains once in a while. That is why you need to have the drains checked by a plumber. If you are planning on buying a new hose in Tampa, FL, you need to ask the plumber to unclog the drains. How well the drainage of a house is maintained will reflect on the rest of the plumbing system. If the drainage system is poor, the plumber might have to bust some walls to get to the pipes.

6.  Check The Water Supply Pipes

The water supply pipes need to be inspected by a plumber for a variety of safety and health reasons. Her is a list of the reasons your pipes need to be checked:

  • To figure out how old pipes are and whether or not they have been replaced or not.
  • To find out if the pipes are made of copper or plastic. Copper and plastic are used since they do not corrode easily. However, PVC plastic is not supposed to be used inside the house.
  • To check rust holes on pipes and if they are made of galvanized steel
  • To inspect the pipes and see if they are made using different materials. If this is the case, it shows the pipes have undergone repairs severally and it is time for them to be replaced.
  • To know if it is time to replace the cast iron pipes due to build-up in minerals or corrosion related damage.
  • If the pipes are made using polybutylene, they need to be replaced since chlorine used to treat water corrodes them over time.
  • To replace any pipes made using lead.

7.  Inspect Crawl Spaces And The Basement

Basements and crawl spaces are areas that often overlooked. However, you need to have a plumber to look at these two areas. The professional will be able to spot any signs of water damage. They will also look out for poorly done repairs and leaky pipes.

8.  Check For Rusty Taps

There is bound to be some rust in the taps if the house has been vacant for a while. However, if the discoloring continues, then it could mean the tap is corroded and needs to be replaced.

9.  Inspect The Sewer Line

You need to have a professional inspect the sewer line from the house to the street. The professional can send a camera down the sewer line to see if any potential problems will arise. There are many things that can clog and even damage the sewer line. Identifying any issues now will save you in future and prevent the sewer from collapsing.

10.  Look For Water Lines

Water lines are a sign that there is a leak somewhere. You need to have an expert look for the common areas you might have leaks. It is better to catch the leaks early before they get worse.

If you are in the market for a house in Tampa, FL, plumbing problems should not deter you from making a deal. However, you need to have a full report so you can make a well-informed decision. since you will be investing money doing the repairs, you can use the information as a bargaining chip. Have the seller accommodate the repairs cost in the selling price.

Having the plumbing checked by Drain Flo Plumbing in Tampa, FL, is a must if you are buying a house. It will equip you with the knowledge you need and you will go into the house knowing what to expect. At the end of the day, the house will be yours and you would not want to settle for anything less than the best.