Smart Plumbing That A Reliable Plumbing Company Can Install At Your Home in Temple Terrace, FL


Innovative Plumbing technologies ensure comfort and convenience and also save on costs. However, those aren’t the only benefits of installing smart plumbing technology in your home. Most smart plumbing fixtures also have water-conserving features, making them environmentally friendly. If you want to get more from your plumbing, you should have a plumbing company send a technician to install either of the following smart plumbing fixtures and appliances at your Temple Terrace, FL home.

  • Smart Showers

Did you know that some showers can be connected to a smartphone? True, you can pre-set the temperatures of the shower, make phone calls, or even play music. The smart showers are perfect for homeowners that prefer having a luxurious home and the ability to be in control of their plumbing. Additionally, some smart showers that a homeowner can connect to Amazon Alexa or even Google Assistant.

But their water-saving features are perhaps the most important thing about the smart showers. Since they are smart, the showers can remember all the timings and water temperatures you’ve set. Hence, they will know exactly when to change or pause the temperatures. If you like a shower with such features, it can be understood why. Therefore, you should contact a plumbing company for recommendations on the best smart showers and installation services.

  • Smart Toilets

These toilets are designed in a manner that saves water at your home and also protects the environment. Compared to the standard toilets, the smart toilets can save you a lot of water, meaning that you won’t have to pay the high water utility bills at the end of the month. Some smart toilets also feature voice activation, automatic flushing, heated seats, foot warmers, bidet wash, and many more features.

They also have separate flush mechanisms for the solid and liquid wastes, meaning that they even save more water per flush. Installing the smart toilets in your home means that its value will increase when you decide to put it up for sale. If you want a smart toilet installed in your home, contact a plumbing company for installation and maintenance services.

  • Pump Monitoring

The other plumbing technology that may benefit your home is pump monitoring. It is critical because it backs up the main pump whenever the power goes out suddenly or the primary pump stops functioning. Though you could purchase backup batteries for the sump pump, having pump monitoring is better since you can connect it to the device. Then you will be getting notifications regardless of where you are. During the installation, make sure that you hire a licensed plumbing company to have their team complete the installation job at your Temple Terrace, FL home.

  • Smart Faucets

Did you know that besides touchless faucets, there are smart faucets? The smart faucets have varying features that make them a great addition to your home. Some of them let you know whenever the water temperatures or color changes. These faucets can also automatically shut off when they aren’t in use for over 4 minutes. Other smart faucets can be connected to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Do you want to be practical? You could have a plumbing company install the smart faucets directly above your stove. It is ideal for filling your kettle or pots. Besides water-saving, smart faucets also promote hygiene and safety at your home. Are you planning to resell your home in the future and want to increase its value? A smart faucet installation is a great place to start.

  • Smart Laundry

The smart washer is the other smart plumbing appliance that you can install in your home. This appliance accords you total control over laundry compared to the conventional laundry machines. With a smart washer, you can monitor, start, or even stop its wash cycles remotely over the internet or an app on your smartphone, provided the washing machine is connected to your home hub or the Wi-Fi.

Therefore, you can finish washing your clothes even when you aren’t at home or in the laundry room. You will also get notifications whenever a wash cycle is complete. Like other smart plumbing appliances and fixtures, you can connect Alexa or Google Assistant to a smart washer. The smart washing machine also features self-cleaning features and sensors for self-diagnostics.

Hence, when something is wrong with the washer or time is due for maintenance, you will get an alert on your phone. They can be configured to be alerting your plumbing company whenever something is amiss. If you have run out of detergent, you could use an Amazon option and place an order for more detergent. A smart washing machine is highly convenient and reliable.

Most importantly, a smart washer can be integrated into your smart home. While at it, you also can have the plumbing company install a smart dryer. The dryer can be connected to Wi-Fi and operated using a smartphone like a smart washer. You can use voice commands and download washer cycles over the internet.

The only shortcoming to installing smart dryers and washers is the initial purchase price and the repair costs. However, they are ideal for homeowners that prioritize convenience above all. So, if you decide to purchase a smart washer or dryer, ensure that you have retained a licensed plumbing company for installation, inspection, and regular maintenance to avert costly repairs in the future.

  • Smart Water Heaters

Like leakage detectors, the smart water heaters also have sensors that can tell whenever something is out of place with the appliance. They can also be programmed to ensure that they can tell the irregularities in the water use and alert you. Like all the other smart plumbing appliances, smart water heaters are eco-friendly. They use less energy because they only heat water on demand, meaning there isn’t any need to heat the water constantly, unlike conventional water heaters.

Though the initial purchasing price is higher than that of a conventional water heater, you will be saving more money on the monthly water and energy utility bills because they are WaterSense and Energy Star Certified. However, ensure that you hire a licensed plumber for routine inspection and regular maintenance installation.

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Smart plumbing appliances bring about comfort and convenience in any home. Hence, they are slowly being adopted by more and more homeowners. Do you want a licensed plumbing company to install any of the above smart plumbing fixtures and appliances at your Temple Terrace, FL home? Do not hesitate to reach out to us at Drain Flo Plumbing.