Signs That Your Faucet Needs A Repair From Your Plumber in Brandon, FL


It’s critical to ensure that your faucets are in perfect working condition because a small faucet leak could waste up to hundreds of gallons of water annually.

Dripping faucets are frequent in most households in Brandon, FL. If the dripping is left unattended for some time, it could lead to expensive repairs, water damage, and even property destruction.

Some faucets can be fixed without contacting a plumber, but it’s advisable to have a professional fix the problem or replace the entire faucet for the persistent leaks. Having well-maintained taps keeps your utility bills under control and helps conserve water.

Importantly, proper functioning faucets make it easy for homeowners to carry out their activities efficiently. Despite regular maintenance, your faucets, just like other home appliances, wear down and start causing problems in the long run. When this happens, it is essential to contact a plumber. Below are some of the factors that could indicate that your faucet may need repair.

Splitting Streams

At the tip of the faucet, an aerator mixes air and water to ensure a smooth stream. The aerator has threads, making it possible to be fastened and unfastened into the faucet tip.

Besides controlling flow and aerating water, the device also filters grit and sediments produced inside pipes. With time, the debris builds up, blocking the interior of the aerator. When the aerator is clogged, the faucet will not produce a uniform splash-free stream of water.

Sometimes, the aerator may start leaking when the washer inside, which stops leaks, is displaced. If the aerator is entirely worn out, you may need to hire a plumber to fasten another one.

Sounds From The Faucet

Besides typical sounds generated by water, your faucets could produce abnormal sounds due to internal damage. For instance, if the faucet is producing screeching sounds, then the rubber could be worn out. Since most rubber washers harden over time, they may fail at some point. When this happens, it’s essential to have the rubber replaced by a licensed plumbing company in Brandon, FL.

On the other hand, clanking or clicking sounds indicate cracks in the faucet. It is usually tricky to locate the crack without opening the entire faucet. It would be best to have a licensed plumbing company conduct a detailed inspection to identify the cracks.

Old Pipes

Most old homes have galvanized pipes as part of the plumbing system. Unlike modern pipes, they rust and corrode more quickly, and that’s why local building codes require these pipes to be removed by individuals selling their houses. Such pipes are silver in color and attract magnets.

Another kind of outdated piping that you won’t want to have in your home is lead piping. It appears grey and can be scraped with a screwdriver. Lead is toxic, and drinking water coming from such pipes is disgusting. Always contact a plumber for an assessment if unsure of the type of piping you need for your home.

Abnormal Water Pressure

Home water pressure problems, whether high or low, can be pretty frustrating. You will have to bear with faucets that take forever to fill a bathtub or sink and showerheads that cannot deliver the strong spray you need.

Before you blame the faucets, it’s important to remember that most water pressure changes could be due to a lack of water supply, clogged pipes, and water leaks. But sometimes, the problem could be due to a faucet that’s not fixed correctly. To resolve such issues, you can hire a licensed plumber to detect and repair all seams or fixture issues.

Dripping Or Leaking

This is the most obvious indicator that your sign needs to be repaired. You may notice that water is still dripping from your faucet even when you have turned off the handle or water is leaking from the base of the faucet stem. Some folks see these issues as minor and ignore them; thus, it’s not a surprise when they are a hit with substantial water bills.

However, the problem could be due to high water pressure in the water lines causing leaking or dripping. In such cases, even if you get a new faucet, the problem will persist. Therefore, it would be best to hire a plumber to examine the issue causing the dripping.

Squeaky Handles

Old faucets are likely to produce squeaky sounds every time you turn the handle. This is due to the worn-out threads at the faucet’s stem resulting from wear and tear in the interior. A plumbing professional can easily fix this issue, making the handle function efficiently without replacing the entire faucet.

Rust And Corrosion

If you have noticed rust around your faucet stem, then it’s time to remove the faucet. Rust and corrosion occur when plumbing fixtures lose their protective coating after being used for a long time.

This not only damages some parts of the faucet, but it makes the tap appear ugly and also makes it difficult to use. Such a faucet needs a replacement and not a repair. Therefore, it’s wise to call an experienced plumbing professional in Brandon, FL, to replace it immediately.


When your faucet continues leaking for a long time, you’ll see mold growing around it. The mold could also have been from a small leak from the kitchen sink that went unnoticed for some time.

The molds are an unpleasant sight and destroy faucets, and in such cases, it is usually too late for a repair. A plumber will advise you to have a replacement.

Bad Smells

In most cases, unpleasant smells indicate plumbing issues. When you smell stagnant water or mold, it could signify that water is pooling somewhere it shouldn’t. Therefore, it would be wise to have a plumbing professional check if water isn’t leaking anywhere since sometimes it could be challenging to detect the leak, especially if it occurs behind the walls.

Mineral Deposits

Mineral deposits are easier to notice. You only need to check if there is a build-up around or inside the plumbing fixture. They are caused by hard water supply and damage faucet’s filters, flanges, metal, and gaskets. Repairing will only be a short-term solution; thus, it’s necessary to have the plumber replace the faucet.

Need Help?

Repairing the faucet promptly increases its efficiency and saves you from malfunctioning faucets. You don’t need to worry about all your faucet needs because, at Drain Flo Plumbing, we repair and replace all faucets.

Our plumbers also conduct timely repairs and periodic maintenance to enhance performance and increase the faucet’s longevity. Besides, our company offers garbage disposal, water heater, and drain cleaning services. Contact us today for more information.