Reasons For Water Line Repair Besides Saving Water in Temple Terrace, FL


At Drain Flo Plumbing in Temple Terrace, FL, we make water line repairs from your connection to city water to the water lines crisscrossing your home inside the walls or under the concrete slab foundation. We hunt down leaks and fix them, repair broken pipes, and restore low water pressure if the leak is big enough to divert a large volume of water. Where does all that water go? Wasted water and a big water bill is trouble enough, but water can have many effects on your home when it gets loose, some not too much trouble, like watering your lawn from below along the water line, some lots of trouble, like large volumes of water around your foundation causing it to crack and leak. Even small leaks in the wall over time can cause mold and mildew to grow and many other problems to arise. Our team of water line repair experts is here to chase down water line problems and keep them from causing you headaches far beyond the limited scope of a bit of dampness.

Water Line Repair Issues In Your Yard

A classic water line damage situation for your main pipe from the city water is when you get a bright stripe of grass or some wonderful landscaping going on in a very limited area that makes you wonder. How are they getting so lush? This limited but abundant growth is likely the result of a break or leak in the water line below, allowing water to enter the soil and provide nourishment for the plants. Happily, with our modern leak detection equipment and pipe repair techniques, addressing problems in the water line crossing your yard is often quite straightforward, using internal relining or patching or other new and durable techniques and materials. It’s less likely than ever that the repair will involve digging up the entire pipe and replacing it, though that may occur at times. This water may also appear as puddles, often quicksand-like as they float soil on the top, next to your foundation. This can indicate that the break is near the point where the line enters your home. Puddles near your foundation can also indicate trouble underneath the foundation, though.

When Your Pipes Under The Slab Need Attention

In some homes, pipes are laid carefully before the foundation is poured, and if they spring leaks or corrode over time, it’s challenging to gain access and make water line repairs or drain fixes. Even your hot water lines may be routed under the slab, leading from the water heater to the rest of the house. Water line repair under the slab usually involves cutting through the concrete to access them from the basement or digging from the side to access them from underneath. The repair may involve patching or replacing pipes, or to save time and cost, sometimes rerouting under slab plumbing to run in the basement instead. Without proper attention, water accumulation from leaks under the slab or near the foundation in the yard can produce pressure on the concrete, and cracks in the foundation or even leaks into the basement.

Little Leaks In The Walls Leading To Big Problems That Are Usually Unseen

Even a tiny leak inside a wall can dampen the area over time, and produce a moist environment in the wall that’s hospitable for mold, mildew, insects, rodents, and other creatures that like the dark, moist space they provide. This can result in foul odors near the wall, from mold and mildew or rodent droppings. It can also result in the gradual decay of the wood and other construction materials from inside the wall until it appears as a moist or crumbling spot visible on the wall from the outside. Upon inspection, it is likely that sections of your wall will need to be rebuilt, and the expensive consequence of a small leak. If water travels to other areas, horizontally or vertically between floors, the damage can spread. Fortunately, even if the damage is located some distance from the leak, our equipment can still locate the leak itself by ultrasonic and video inspection means.

Big Leaks In The Walls And The Mess They Can Make

Big leaks won’t wait to make themselves known, but will soon burst forth and cause plenty of damage to walls and decorations, even furniture and floors. You’ll probably hear the sound of the water leaking before it bursts out, and that’s the time to call for repairs if possible. Large quantities of water leaking are very likely to travel, especially vertically, and to affect not only your building materials but also your electrical wiring and fixtures.

Electrical Concerns Are Particularly Worrisome

Water line repairs may also lead your plumber to suggest an inspection and possible repairs by an electrician, as water, likely corrosive from picking up materials as it flows, enters switches, outlets, light fixtures, and even the wiring itself as it travels up the insulation. Knowing where the damage is and remedying it is important, because any remaining corrosion is likely to eventually lead to wires heating from resistance, and possibly igniting materials inside the wall, leading to a house fire. It may seem strange that a water line leak can lead to a fire! It’s not uncommon.

Your Water Line Repair And Leak Detection Experts In Temple Terrace, Fl

At Drain Flo Plumbing in Temple Terrace, FL, we pride ourselves on helping homeowners preserve their property with prompt and effective leak detection and water line repairs. Whether it involves a small leak or break in a pipe, a completely disconnected pipe in the wall, or problems under the slab and in your yard, we have the methods for locating it and performing water line repairs that are cost-effective and long-lasting. If you have concerns about an actual or potential water line leak, give us a call right away so we can take care of it quickly and get it off of your mind.