Plumber Tips: The Plumbing Dos And Don’ts Of Kitchen Renovation


When remodeling your kitchen, plumbing may not feel like a significant factor, but it’s an essential aspect of the kitchen layout or design. Remember, a kitchen is not just a cooking place; besides offering that aesthetic view, it should ensure an efficient and optimal space for operations.

If you’ve ever done a kitchen renovation before, you know the stress that comes with it, especially with the plumbing. Below are must-read kitchen renovation plumber tips that you should consider when renovating your kitchen.

Don’t Change The Plumbing!

Many people often tend to forget about the additional costs of changing plumbing fixtures. If you’re a homeowner undertaking a kitchen renovation project, keep the plumbing in the same area.

This will save you headaches, let alone your money. Retaining the sink waste and water services in the same position will cut on labor costs needed to cut through the concrete to change the drainage.

Ideally, the demolition of a kitchen will start with the plumber secluding the existing sink waste and water services. In the case of a new kitchen design, the plumbing professional may have to come back after demolition to help you achieve a new kitchen outlook.

Put The Dishwasher Next To The Sink

Your plumber should install the dishwasher right next to the sink under the drainer side, specifically if you have a double-bowl sink. Although this setup may be impossible with some kitchen layouts, it’s the ideal installation that ensures practicability and reduced costs. Since the dishwasher is here with the sink, no extra pipes need to run around the kitchen.

Thing is, new water connections and pipes present an increased risk for pipe bursts. Plus, it means an extra cost on your side in having them installed. Above all, it’s the most logical spot to place your sink to save you the time you’ll take in washing your dishes.

Choose The Right Sink

Imagine washing a bowl that’s overly big for your sink, and dirty water splashes all over. Nobody likes that. So choose a proper sink size. The right sink is the one that is functional and meets the design aesthetics of your kitchen.

The best option to go for is the double bowl sink. The good thing about this type of sink is; you can wash and rinse in one bowl while the other drains can be available when the other is occupied.

If a big sink is what you want, you’ll need to consider additional fixtures your plumber may install around it to have enough space for them.

Figure Out The Best Sink Position

Before you have your Brandon, FL, the plumber comes in for sink placement, think about the ideal sink position for your kitchen. You could even ask the plumbing professional for guidance, now that sink position doesn’t come with a manual.

Generally, you should bear in mind the functionality and the overall look of your kitchen when settling for a particular sink position.

Do Measure Everything Twice

Always measure twice to ensure you don’t get stuck with a wrong-size dishwasher in your new kitchen. Even though most appliances may be labeled ‘standard size,’ they may vary by a few inches across different brands. ‘A few inches’ may be the only thing to get your dishwasher sticking out or not fitting in the space allocated.

For this reason, you must get accurate measurements for any appliance you want to be installed in your kitchen cabinetry. This includes any plumbing that may be involved. A plumber should be in the picture to help you select the right equipment.

Allow For Enough Water Connections

Ensure adequate water connection for your dishwashers, Butler’s pantries with sinks, and filtered water taps. If you have a fridge with dispensers and ice makers, make sure it’s well-positioned to allow water from the sink to go to the refrigerator.

It would be wise if you had a plumber install them now, so you have the provision. Again, installing now is way more cost-effective than in the future, where the plumber may have to work around the whole kitchen foundation.

Install A Garbage Disposal

Despite making dish-washing easier, garbage disposals have their downsides. First, they require a large drain out, meaning you’re limited on the sink type.

Secondly, they’re prone to breakdowns, and when this happens, you may have to replace them entirely as they can’t always be repaired. You can have a compost pit for all your food scraps. Otherwise, you should contact a trained plumbing expert in Brandon, FL, to install a food waste disposal for your kitchen.

Get A Stop Tap Installed Under Your Kitchen Sink

You can have a plumber install a stop tap under your kitchen sink to isolate water to the kitchen so you can turn the water off to this area in case of an emergency.

Say, a kitchen sink’s Flexi hose bursts or a dishwasher leaks. Even though renovating your kitchen may not stop such occurrences, having a stop tap under your sink can reduce the clean-up that may follow after that.

Don’t Select A Kitchen Mixer Just Because Of Size Or Appearance

The biggest mixer doesn’t always mean it’s the best. Going for a large, restaurant-like mixer tap may seem all nice, but some drawbacks. More significant mixer taps require the proper bench support to accommodate their weight.

Also, they are relatively expensive to install. You can get a plumbing professional to install a standard middle-of-the-range mixer for your kitchen to cut on costs. Again, traditional kitchen mixer taps can be easily replaced when their time of service lapses.

Ask The Experts

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