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There’s something about new plumbing fixtures that brings bathroom and kitchen remodeling together. For one thing, they replace fixtures that are often decades old. They can also reduce the number of calls to the plumber to replace faucet washers, fix toilet leaks, and clear drains. Water savings is a given these days with new fixtures, and of course, for those in the family who aren’t into styles and colors, new fixtures are often interesting gadgets as well, making remodeling an easier sell for everyone.

At Drain Flo Plumbing, we can recommend, explain, and install new fixtures with or without a complete remodeling at your home in Brandon, FL. Our plumbers have great ideas for new plumbing designs as well, from vessel sinks that are attractive and convenient and popular these days and combine well with a touchless faucet, to showers that give you more space and a rain-like effect, with a bench to relax on and a linear drain for a sophisticated look and efficient water flow. Even toilets have been re-engineered for comfort, convenience, looks, and water savings.

Plumbing Features That Support Modern Design Trends

One of the advantages of modern plumbing can be a support for the kind of space you want to design. For example, linear shower drains support the use of large tiles and complex patterns of tiles, often in a larger shower space than a single-point drain. Modern showerheads provide wide-area coverage, even dual coverage that gives you room to relax, move around, and get ready for your day or finish a long day without feeling contained in a small, utilitarian shower space. Our plumbers can install shower systems that spray from the side, and euro-style handheld showers that easily transition to traditional overhead sprays for flexibility and convenience. Many of these shower options look great but also help people wash even if they have a disability, sports injury, or other factors that make traditional shower configurations impractical. Vessel sinks, in single or dual configuration, become vibrant accents in their own right, rising up from the counter in colors, patterns, and sculpted designs. It’s no wonder people choose them over traditional drop-in sinks for a great look.

Toilets That Save Water, Toilet Paper, And Time

You may have seen the toilets on the market that include an array of controls, from seat warming and bidet spray to automatic motion-sensing raising and lowering of the seat and relaxing sound effects to make your stay more productive, often costing thousands. Our plumbers have great toilets with selected features that keep the price reasonable and still give you additional comfort and convenience, such as fast, powerful flushing mechanisms powered by compressed air accumulated using water pressure. These can save water and also reduce the cleaning needed. Regular flush mechanisms are designed to be more effective in the way they distribute water to the bowl, and allow selection of a larger or smaller quantity of water so you can make an informed choice. People asked our plumbers about bidets during the recent paper shortages, and they continue to be a popular choice for many homeowners. Who knew there were so many factors to consider in selecting a toilet? We haven’t even discussed the bowl shape and the advantages and disadvantages of oval versus round, but we can if you like.

Bathroom Faucets Waste A Lot Of Water

In addition to the significant volume of water saved by new toilet models, your bathroom faucet is likely to be costing you a small fortune in wasted water. The reason is simple: for brushing teeth, shaving, and other routine daily activities, most people leave the water running for the duration. Though wasteful, it makes sense in a way because twist-style controls are inconvenient for many people and nearly impossible for some, including seniors, to operate effectively. Paddle-style faucet controls are a great option and can be flipped with an elbow or the back of the hand with the toothbrush or razor still held tight. Touchless faucets are even better since pretty much everyone can operate them simply by reaching into the sink where the detectors automatically start the water flowing. There’s no need to operate both controls to get the usual mix of warm water on many models, and once you’ve wet your toothbrush, the water turns off while you’re brushing and resumes when you’re ready to rinse. Another version that’s perhaps a better choice if you tend to put objects in the sink because of a crowded counter or drop things in accidentally is the touch-based faucet, which won’t turn the water on until you explicitly touch the body of the faucet. A plumber can help you decide what’s best for your home.

What About The Kitchen?

So many design options for the kitchen these days! The kitchen sink can be served by many different kinds of faucets, from touch and touchless to a detachable spray that serves you well whether you’re rinsing dishes by hand or blasting the sink afterward. Controls are designed for ergonomic convenience, and there are even voice-operated faucets that let you multitask, calling out to stop the flow while you handle a situation in the oven or on the stove, and in some cases, dispensing exact amounts of water. Have our plumbing install a bar sink for convenience, kids, and trips from the deck that might compete for the main sink otherwise or re-engineered garbage disposals with great grinding and even an auxiliary light for under the sink where they’re located. Ask our plumber about nearly-silent, water-conserving new dishwashers so you don’t have to abandon the kitchen once the cycle begins.

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Our professional team of plumbers at Drain Flo Plumbing handles everything your home needs in Brandon, FL, from your water line to your sewer pipe, and everything in-between. Let us guide you through the amazing world of modern plumbing fixtures, and provide installation and remodeling services to beautify your home. Call today!