Is A Water Hammer Keeping You Up At Night? Time To Call A Plumber in Brandon, FL


Are your water pipes noisy? Perhaps you can hear a rumbling or banging noise in your pipes? If your pipes have a water hammer, this is a sign that something is not right, and it’s probably time to call in a plumber who can find the cause of the problem. Noisy pipes can be a sign of blockages or high pressure.

If you live in Brandon, FL, and are looking for a plumber, you may like to contact Drain Flo Plumbing. The companies available for general and emergency plumbing services. This article will give you details of what a water hammer is and will help you decide whether you need a professional to install a Pressure Reducing Valve.

What Is A Water Hammer?

If your pipes are very noisy when the flow of water is turned off, it’s likely that its water hammer. This condition gets its name because the sound is similar to someone hitting a pipe with a hammer. You will hear loud banging, rattling, or knocking.

When your pipes are in good working order, water is moved through the pipes by kinetic energy, оr momentum. If the water flow suddenly stops wіth force, оr has a rapid change of direction; then, this creates a pressure wave that will be noisy. Vibrations will travel through the pipes, and you’ll hear a hammering noise.

The speed in which the water is flowing through the pipes has an effect on how loud and intense the noise will be. When water is moving quickly and suddenly has to stop, the noise will be at its loudest.

Water hammer іѕn’t normal and is only heard when your faucets are turned off. It’s relatively common to have noisy or rattling pipes and is something that you shouldn’t ignore. If the water hammer isn’t fixed, it could lead to more severe problems. When there’s a pressure surge in your pipes, it might be strong еnоugh tо cause extensive damage to the water system.

If your pipes are continually experiencing pressure problems and making noises associated with water hammer, over time, this will weaken the joints and valves. Further issues will then be caused, such as pipes leaking, and this could potentially be an emergency situation. It’s therefore advisable to call a plumber as soon as you start to experience water hammer.

Water hammer could have already caused minor problems, which for many homeowners could easily go unnoticed. This could lead to structural damage to your property or even mold growth. To avoid these types of problems, it’s a good idea to get your pipes checked out. A plumber may recommend using a pressure reducing valve (PRV) to reduce the occurrence of water hammer.

A Pressure Reducing Valve has an adjustable screw and a pressure gauge, which will allow your home’s water pressure to be monitored and adjusted when necessary.

How Is A Water Hammer Fixed?

Several different problems cause water hammer, and a professional will be able to determine the exact cause. Your home’s pipes could be the wrong size, and this will affect the speed at which the water can flow through them. In some homes, a pressure reducing valve isn’t present, which is likely to make things worse. If you already have a pressure reducing valve, it may be faulty.

Other things that cause water hammer include long stretches of piping without any bends or the absence of a dampening system. Pipes are prone to movement and rattling if they haven’t been adequately fixed to the walls of your home. A plumber will help you to solve all these types of faults and can install a pressure reducing valve if necessary.

It’s not recommended that you should try to fix a water hammer yourself as it’s often not as easy aѕ іt sounds. Instead, call a plumber and get some professional advice. It’s best to get the problem fixed as soon as possible as this will reduce the likelihood of an emergency from developing.

What Other Problems Cause Noisy Pipes?

If your pipes are noisy but it’s more of a glugging and gurgling noise rather than a loud banging, it’s likely caused by other problems. Pipes that have become blocked due to household wastes or deposits of soap and hair often sound noisy. This indicated that there’s a blockage somewhere in your system. It’s essential to get your pipes and drains cleaned if you hear gurgling noises.

A plumber can clean your drains and pipes using a plumbing snake. Leaving the problem for too long may result in further damage to your drainage system and even your home. A blockage can cause pipes to burst, and this could be an emergency. It can also cause back up where wastewater and even sewage can come back into your home. This is very messy and smelly.

In some cases, gurgling pipes indicate that there is already a leak somewhere in your property. Small leaks often go unnoticed, but a plumber will be able to find the source of the problem and fix it before things get out of hand.

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