How Can Your Pipes Become Damaged? A Plumber Can Help in Brandon, FL


When you’re in need of a plumber to fix your damaged pipes you might be wondering what damaged your actual pipes. There are multiple things that can cause that damage and we’ll go over that here. When something goes wrong in your house you want to make sure the problems are fixed the first time. With water out in your home staying in your home becomes difficult quickly. We’ll go over some of the major reasons that will cause you to call for help.

Do It Yourself Fixes

Unless you are a plumber yourself, jobs are one of the major reasons for pipes to fail. Those who aren’t properly trained have a fairly high chance of putting something together incorrectly which will cause different problems. Plumbing is more complex than people think and putting it together improperly will lead to more calls to professionals than it would if you just called them the first time.

Harsh Chemicals In Home Products

Many chemicals cause corrosion, that corrosion can lead to pipes leaking or bursting if they are exposed too long. When a quick fix for a clog by using a liquid drain cleaner goes wrong it can cause even more issues downstream leading to a major job for your plumber. If you can’t manually clean a clog with a plunger or a home snake you should probably just call a professional. Home-made solution mixes won’t damage your pipes as much as some of the acidic compounds in drain cleaners but have mixed results. If a pipe is already broken and backing up, pouring more down the drain to try to fix it definitely won’t solve anything.


Trees and shrubs take root around many houses in Brandon, FL and your water lines both into and out of your house will likely leave moisture outside of them that these plants will love. Over time, pieces of roots will likely work their way into your pipes and cause damage, requiring you to call a plumber that can send a powered “rooter” auger down your line to try and stop it, or to see if the issue has gone too far.

Septic Tank Chemicals

If you aren’t on a municipal sewer but instead on an individual septic system you need to be extra careful what you send down into the pit. Household chemicals like bleach, paint, and ammonia can cause a coating of corrosive materials to grow on the wall of an underground septic tank that will lead to either the breakdown of the septic tank, or the pipes feeding into it. Always check your local regulations for what to do with these chemicals and use caution when putting items down into that septic tank as replacement costs are extreme.


While considered an issue for just plain clogs it should be reiterated that putting grease down your pipes is just a recipe for disaster. Grease congeals as it cools and will stick to anything, shrinking your disposal pipes’ useful size as it goes. This grease will cause backups elsewhere in the house and can cause issues elsewhere down the line. Plumbers have to replace drain pipes fairly often because of issues stemming from grease.

Using Your Pipes As A Dumpster

Just because you have a garbage disposal doesn’t mean you should put everything down it. Even though something can get shredded down to size in a garbage disposal like chicken bones or other food waste your pipes can only handle so much before it starts to stick to other pieces stuck to your disposal line and harden. Be cautious with your garbage disposal waste. Toilets are another thing that are common plumber calls because of what gets shoved down there, although solid objects going down the toilet are more a result of accidental flushing rather than purposeful disposal like a garbage disposal.

Old Water Heaters

If your water heater is over 10 years old it is possible that a call for a plumber may be in your future. When water heaters start to fail they can cause backups into your pipes and can cause ruptures away from the hot water tank and require you to make spend even more on plumbing jobs than you would have if you just replaced the hot water heater at the first call of a professional.

Breakdown Of Plumbing Hoses

Most houses have a dishwasher and pretty much everyone has a working washing machine. They are linked into your plumbing with rubber hoses and these can, and will, break down over the course of their lifespan. It is recommended that you call to have them serviced every five years or so. If you decide no to do so you could have a hose burst and have water all over your home and that may require you to do replacements above and beyond what simple maintenance could have avoided.

Direct Sunlight

If you have polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) pipes you want to make sure they aren’t exposed to the sun, and the rest of your plumbing should also be kept in a mostly dark space as well. These plastic pipes can break down over time from exposure to sunlight and this will cause leaks and ruptures to happen. Having a plumber inspect your lines and ensure this is not an issue is something that can easily be done.

It may be obvious, but the plumbing system in your Brandon, FL home has its fair share of issues, but setting standard maintenance programs up, and avoiding certain habits can go a long way to keeping your pipes intact. When you decide you need a professional plumber however give the experts at Drain Flo Plumbing a call. With locations in both Tampa and Clear water, Drain Flo is both licensed and insured so you know your job will be done correctly. From clogged drains to new home pipe runs the specialists at Drain Flo Plumbing are here for you.