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Recent plumbing technology advancements appeal to homeowners and business owners alike. Plumbing has come a long way from the days of outhouses and well pumps, and research and innovation certainly haven’t slowed down. The wonders of modern plumbing give us clean water, and contribute to health, and sanitary living conditions. We’ve moved far beyond the basics though. New smart water technologies can improve convenience and quality of life even more.

Leak Detectors

Leak detectors are some of the most useful and popular plumbing technologies available. Your plumbing company can install detection devices in locations that may be prone to leaks or excessive condensation on pipes. These little devices are especially helpful in locations that aren’t easily accessible, such as inside walls or crawl spaces. A detector can help you avoid wasted water and higher water bills by catching leaks early. It can also help prevent mold growth by alerting you to excessive moisture in out-of-the-way places.

Smart Toilet

Although the toilet isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when we think of smart technology, smart toilets do exist. Your local plumbing company in Temple Terrace, FL, can install smart toilets in your home. A surprising number of features are available. Emergency flushing systems are one of the most popular features. Most of us flush the toilet without thinking about it very often, but we learn to appreciate flushing very quickly if we can’t do it.

You can choose a smart toilet with the features you want. There’s no need to include every feature on every toilet. Some of the more practical features include slow-closing lids, automatic flushing, overflow protection, sensors to detect leaks, and self-cleaning and deodorizing systems. Other optional features are more for comfort and enjoyment, such as heated seats, foot warmers, air dryers, bidets, and Bluetooth capabilities. You can also choose a programmable night light to make nighttime trips to the bathroom a little more convenient. If you’re interested in a smart toilet, schedule a consultation with your plumbing company and discuss the features you’d like to have.

Gray Water Systems

Greywater systems aren’t new, but they have improved over recent years. A professional plumbing company can install a greywater system with many benefits. The terms graywater, greywater, or gray water are used interchangeably, and each state has its own guidelines and regulations. The state of Florida uses the term gray water in state plumbing codes. Gray water in Temple Terrace, FL, is defined as household wastewater that doesn’t contain or have any contact with human waste. This means that water from flushing the toilet is excluded from gray water systems.

Water from garbage disposals and kitchen sinks is also excluded because Florida’s gray water can’t contain large amounts of organic substances of any kind, which means water full of food scraps or waste cannot be used. Most gray water was used for baths, showers, washing machines, and sinks that aren’t located in kitchens. The wastewater used in toilets, kitchen drains, and urinals is called blackwater and falls under regulations for sewage. Sometimes water from washing machines is also considered blackwater if it’s used to wash items soiled with human waste, but this usually applies to large facilities instead of private residences.

One of the most important benefits is water conservation. Clean water suitable for drinking and cooking is frequently used for tasks that don’t require such a high standard of cleanliness. An average household in the United States uses about 70 gallons of water per person each day. Over half of it is used for bathing and washing clothes, so gray water systems can recover a significant volume of water. Reclaimed water can be used to flush toilets, wash vehicles, and irrigate lawns, although it shouldn’t be used for gardens and other edible growth.

Some states include kitchen sinks in gray water systems and permit gray water garden irrigation, but Florida does not. A plumbing company can provide all the details about gray water and its accepted uses in the state of Florida. Your local plumbing company also has knowledge and training to install gray water systems in compliance with state codes and regulations.

Every time gray water is used for acceptable tasks, an equivalent amount of fresh, clean water is saved. This reduces water bills and reduces strain on water treatment facilities. Households with septic systems can see even more personal benefits. Your plumbing company can install a system that reroutes gray water for secondary use instead of flowing into the septic tank.

Hot Water Recirculation

Hot water recirculation conserves energy and water. Recirculating pumps continuously circulate hot water through pipes so hot water arrives instantly when you turn on the tap. Most people with hot water heater tanks let the tap run until hot water gets to the fixture. This wastes a surprising amount of water because we do it every time we wash our hands, take a shower, or wash dishes. Recirculating pumps eliminate this constant waste and reduce the amount of energy needed to heat water.

Touchless Faucets

Touchless plumbing fixtures used to be almost exclusively found in commercial settings. This is slowly changing as more homeowners decide to install touchless fixtures. A plumbing company can remove older faucets and other fixtures and replace them with new touchless models. Most touchless faucets have sensors that are activated by movement, but some models are now voice-activated. Touchless faucets are very convenient in the kitchen when someone is carrying pots or pans. Instead of putting the pot down, it can be held under the faucet and the water flows automatically. These fixtures are also very convenient for people with arthritis and other health issues that can make turning a faucet uncomfortable. Many people have become even more aware of hand hygiene in recent time, so the ability to turn on a faucet without touching it has become even more popular.

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