Hire A Plumber To Inspect Your House in Tampa, FL


Summer is here! Warm weather and breezy nights lie ahead for the foreseeable future. It is time to relax and make the most out of your house. BBQs, swimming at the pool, sunbathing and star-gazing are some of the recreational activities that you can plan for this season. However, before you start planning out your summer recreational activities, it might be a good idea to call a plumber to ensure that the house’s plumbing systems are in good shape for the hot months which lie ahead. Households in Tampa, FL, tend to use more water during the summer, which is expected.

Apart from tips and advice on how to keep your house in a good shape, an experienced professional can run inspections all around the house to ensure that the plumbing system can respond to the increased demand of the summer season. It would cause such a headache to start filling the pool up, only to find out that the water pressure is not good enough. Drain pipes must be in good condition too, otherwise you are in risk of experiencing unpleasant odours and blocked sinks, which can cause a big inconvenience.

Finally, pressurized water pipes must be checked to ensure that they suffered no damage during the harsh winter season, which can cause a leak, or even worse, a water outage when needed the most. By calling a plumber in advance of your summer activities, you can rest assured that your house systems are in top condition.

In this post, you will find out why it’s worth calling a plumber to look over your plumbing system before enjoying the summer break.

  • Pool Inspection

There is no better way to turn your house in a private oasis than filling the pool up. Swimming and sunbathing are but a few of the activities that can help you relax and enjoy the downtime that comes with the summer. However, pools are usually drained over the winter and a safety inspection is required before you can refill it.

It is best to call a plumber which will comprehensively check the water pump and drain system of the pool to make sure that when the time comes, you will be able to enjoy a good swim. Due to the lack of water and the exposure to the natural elements of the winter, the plumbing system of the pool needs to be thoroughly checked and cleaned from any foreign objects or limescale that may have developed during the winter.

On top of all other inspections, your plumber will make sure that the rest of the plumbing system is in good shape and it will not be overloaded when you start filling the pool. Make the most out of your facilities, by having a professional to inspect everything in advance.

  • Gardening

Colorful flowers, with even more colorful scents, gardening can transform your property to look like a tropical island. It is also a nice activity if you are looking to pick up a new hobby. Plants and especially seasonal flowers are sensitive to heat, sun and water intake. For that reason, before you grab that shovel, it is a good idea to check with your plumber whether the watering system located in the garden is functioning correctly.

Watering systems are simple, but they are exposed to the natural elements, which may cause the nozzles to become blocked. Soil, dust and leaves are just some of the usual reasons that the watering system is not working properly. Last but not least, the plumber will examine the integrity of the watering hoses as pests and rodents might have been damaged during its inactivity.

  • Pipes

Each plumbing facility and device is interconnected through the pipes that are hidden within your property’s walls. In order for the house’s plumbing system to work well, pipes must be in excellent condition. However, since the majority of them are hidden outside the common view, it is difficult for someone who is not qualified to assess the condition of those pipes. By calling a plumber to run a full house inspection, you can put your mind to rest as that will ensure that all the pipes show no sign of leak or aging.

  • Storm Drains

Storm drains play a critical part in protecting the house during the winter season as they get rid of all the rain water that accumulates in your house. Although it might look meaningless to have them inspected during the summer, it is a very good idea to do so. Storms may come up out of nowhere during the summer, and despite their short reign, they can pour a lot of water while they last. Soil, leaves and pests, accumulated during the dry season, may restrict the rainwater from safely flowing away through the drains. It is suggested to have a qualified person who can safely access that area to ensure that they are in proper condition

  • Waste Tank

If your property is equipped with a septic tank, it is a good time to ask for a plumber to have a regular check. Septic tanks offer a lot of benefits as they are independent of the local sewage network, but regular maintenance is required to ensure proper function. The tank is accessible by the maintenance hatch which should always be hermetically shielded in order to avoid contamination and minimize any health hazards. A qualified tank cleaning crew can check the various connections of the tank, thus, ensuring that no septic odours will arise during your downtime.

Plan A Maintenance Check In Advance

It is the best practice to plan for a plumbing crew to regularly inspect your property. Each house in Tampa, FL is heavily dependent on the proper function of the plumbing system, especially in the summer. When you are planning your next plumbing maintenance, get in touch with Drain Flo Plumbing. There you can talk with plumbing experts who are dedicated in addressing each household’s needs and can offer tailored services for your property needs.