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A plumbing emergency can happen at any time of the day or night and the people of Brandon, FL. will turn to Drain Flo Plumbing to help them. If you are tired of watching the water in your sink slowly drain or do not want another lukewarm shower. Then you need an experienced plumber from Drain Flo Plumbing. We have gained a reputation for the highest standard of workmanship at very affordable prices.

Not every plumbing service will be available 24/7 for any emergency you may have, so if you have a burst pipe in the middle of the night, look no further than Drain Flo’s Plumbing.

Clear Signs That You Need A Plumber

Most people will pour anything down a toilet, we at Drain Flo have seen almost everything recovered from a toilet. People are surprised when told that wet wipes and Kleenex tissues are unsuitable items to flush down a toilet.

They do not dissolve easily in water and if not flushed away properly can cause blockages. Only human waste, water, toilet tissue, and some gentle cleaners should be flushed down a toilet.

  • Your Toilet Is Blocked and Overflowing

Pouring strong chemicals down to remove blockages can be a bad idea especially if you have older pipework. The corroding effect could damage the pipework and seals and start a leak. Another bad idea is to keep flushing the toilet to clear a blockage.

For one thing, the blockage may be located yards away and the flushing will not affect it. The second is that you are more likely to cause an overflow. An overflow poses a serious health risk to you and your family.

This is a job best left to a plumber from Drain Flo, they are equipped with special clothing to protect themselves from all the germs and bacteria.

  • Your Sink or Bathtub Is Taking Forever to Empty

Is your sink or bathtub taking longer and longer to drain? You need to call a plumber from Drain Flo, there is a good chance that you have a clog in your pipes. Ignoring the problem will mean the pipes will eventually block. A good tip to prevent clogs is not to pour warm grease, food, and coffee grinds down the sink.

As the grease cools it will stick to the inside of the pipework and attract other materials like food to form a clog. So, pour your grease into a separate container and not down the sink. Another good tip is to place hair traps in your shower and bathtub. Hair is another material that can stick to the pipes and cause a clog to build up.

  • Discolored Water Is Backing Up Into Your Sink

If you take no action the clog will eventually cause a blockage and you will see standing water in your sink. More serious is seeing discolored water backing up into your home. This is a very serious warning sign as your sewer line may be blocked or damaged.

The wastewater will normally flow out of your home into the main sewer network via your sewer line. If it is blocked, then the wastewater has no way to exit and goes back into your home.

As any sewage will contain nasty germs and bacteria it will pose a serious health hazard for you and your family. You need an emergency drain cleaning service from one of our plumbers.

  • You Hear Gurgling Noises coming from the Pipes

Hearing gurgling sounds as the sink empties is usually a sign of a clog. As water flows over the clog, it creates air bubbles which cause the gurgling sound you hear. If you live in a hard water area the formation of a clog can be made worse. Minerals that are dissolved in the water can form layers of insoluble scale.

  • Burst Pipes

Every homeowner should know where the main water shutoff valve is in their home. If you do not, then find out now. Water is a powerful destructive force and can quickly cause thousands of dollars worth of water damage to your home and furnishings.

The quicker you can turn the shutoff valve off the better. Another good idea is to turn off the mains electricity. Water and electricity do not mix, and you do not want to electrocute yourself or the plumber.

  • Lukewarm Water From Your Heater

Water heaters are normally very reliable pieces of equipment. If they are well maintained, they can have a useful working life of over 10 to 15 years. But they can go wrong from time to time, and you need to be on the lookout for certain problems.

A gas-powered heater needs a continuous supply of fresh air to enable combustion and to remove any dangerous combustion gases such as carbon monoxide.

These vents need to be cleaned regularly or the gas heater can shut down. A failure in the pilot light may mean that the gas valve may not be opening fully, or the ignition unit may be broken.

An electric-powered heater may have scale forming on the heating element, reducing the heater’s efficiency. This could be the source of any hissing sound you may hear. Living in an area of hard water will make this problem worse and we suggest that you have your system periodically descaled by a plumber from Drain Flo.

Water heaters have many electrical components, which could overheat and burn out and you could detect a burning smell coming from your water heater. If you smell burning coming from the heater you should call us straight away, you do not want to risk an electrical fire.

By far the best thing you can do for your water heater is to have it regularly maintained, this will spot many of the problems listed above and avoid the need for an expensive repair.

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