Emergency Plumbing Service in St. Petersburg, FL


Homeowners understand that emergencies are inevitable, happening for seemingly no rhyme or reason, and sometimes with next to no warning. But emergency plumbing problems are in a league all their own. Nothing causes smooth domestic life to grind to a halt faster than a flood, broken toilet, burst pipe, or no hot water. Should this ever happen to you, don’t panic. Just call Drain Flo Plumbing in St. Petersburg, FL and ask about their emergency plumbing service.

Some Signs It’s An Emergency

Certain scenarios should be treated as emergencies; others don’t require quite the same urgency. It’s important to know the difference, as emergency plumbing services tend to create more stress and can be more expense than maintenance or regular service calls. Some signs that emergency service is called for:

  • There’s water where it shouldn’t be: This can take the form of everything from small pools of water around piping to a fully flooded basement. The more water there is in an unlikely location, the bigger the emergency. Seek help immediately, because water has powerful abilities to damage the structure of your home.
  • No water, or no hot water: An incredibly disruptive type of emergency, no water or no water can indicate burst pipes or a broken water heater. Either way, a household without water is an unhappy household and that’s an emergency.
  • The toilet doesn’t flush, or overflows when it does: Clearly, an emergency. not only can overflowing water cause damage to the structure and surfaces of your home, it poses a potential health hazard as well. This scenario is also one of the most disruptive for a busy household. Turn off the main water supply to your house to mitigate damage and call in a pro pronto.
  • Damp patches or water on the ground around your property: If you have a septic system, and even if you don’t, water in the yard can indicate a potentially hazardous leakage from plumbing or septic infrastructure.

How To Prepare For An Emergency Service Call

First of all, don’t panic. Turn off the main water supply (homeowners should always know exactly where this is located), and get in touch with a company that specializes in emergency plumbing services, such as Drain Flo Plumbing if you are in the St. Petersburg, FL area. Even during the current uncertain times, emergency plumbing services are being safely and efficiently delivered. Most reputable plumbing companies have put extra protocols into place to ensure workers and homeowners stay safe during the pandemic, but there are still things you can do pre-service call to make things go smoothly. These include:

  • Asking ahead about company protocols ahead of time so you don’t accidentally contravene any. For example, what is the policy about wearing protective face coverings?
  • Creating a pathway through your home so the plumbing technician can easily reach the source of the emergency.
  • Ensuring there is soap and water, and/ or hand sanitizer for the technician to use.
  • Keeping family member out of the way, and maintaining a safe distance from the working technician, even if you wish to watch their work.
  • Knowing where water supply valves and shut-offs are located so the technician doesn’t have to hunt for them.

With a little care, an emergency plumbing service call, even in times of pandemic lock-down and slow-down, can be accomplished speedily and safely for all involved.

Why DIY never works for plumbing

We’ve all heard the horror stories (and maybe experienced one first-hand). A handy homeowner is convinced they can take on a plumbing repair with the help of a how-to video, and ends up botching the job. Usually this kind of narrative ends with more damage, a service call by a professional and a larger than necessary bill. Emergencies are bad enough. Why create one unnecessarily?

For a true and sudden emergency situation, staying hands off is even more important. That’s because you can cause real damage to larger infrastructure, which can lead to grief for your neighbours and municipality as well as your family. In a situation where catastrophic weather events are impacting plumbing infrastructure, meddling with systems you’re not familiar with can be downright dangerous. When you work with an emergency plumbing service professional, you are able to tap into the following benefits:

  • Collective and specialized knowledge – the plumbing trade requires its technicians to study, train and apprentice, and the knowledge they acquire is specialized and current. When necessary, they can also draw on the collective knowledge and expertise of their industry.
  • The right tools and equipment – from special wrenches to state of the art diagnostic tools, an emergency plumbing services expert is well equipped to deal with any type of plumbing emergency.
  • Back up guarantees and warranties – certified plumbers guarantee their work, especially in an emergency. You’ll already be paying a premium for emergency service; it’s good to know there won’t be further expenses or unfinished aspects to the job.
  • Documentation for insurance purposes – in some jurisdictions, or when making an insurance claim, documentation may be required that proves the problem has been rectified by a professional that stands by their work. This can prove to be priceless.
  • Safety first – emergency plumbing repairs can be dangerous, exposing everyone in the household to potential health hazards. A professional can safely fix the problem keeping everyone’s well being in mind. For this reason alone, it’s prudent to call a pro.

For all these reasons, DIY should never be your first choice when emergency plumbing services are required. Skip right to the part where you call in a professional and save yourself some hassles. Your family (and possibly your neighbors) will thank you.

If you’re in the area and your home’s taps and pipes are in crisis, call the team at Drain Flo Plumbing for expert and speedy emergency plumbing service.