Drain Cleaning Mistakes Are Easily Avoidable With The Assistance Of A Plumber Near Me In St. Petersburg, FL


Plumbing system repairs are among the leading repair services requested by various homeowners. Plumbing issues such as blocked drains can arise in any part of your home. There are several signs that your drains are blocked, including foul smells, overflowing toilets, and gurgling sounds in the drains, among many others. When you notice such signs, you should search for a plumber near me in St. Petersburg, FL. The professional will inspect the drainage system and locate the blockage using modern tools such as plumbing inspection cameras.

Upon pinpointing the location of the obstruction, it is just a matter of using one of the many methods to clear it and clean the drains. The plumber near me in your state could use hydro-jetting, drain snaking, and motorized drains, among many other methods, to clear your drains. You cannot ignore blocked drains. Although prompt action is required, there are several mistakes that you should do your best to avoid when unclogging the drains. Below are some of them.

  • Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

It is only natural for any person to try using the easiest route to deal with a problem. Hence, some homeowners use chemical drain cleaners to remove the blockage. While you might have seen an advert claim that these products are effective and safe, that cannot be far from the truth. Chemical drain cleaning products will do more harm than good which is why a professional plumber near me in your vicinity advises against using them.

The chemical drain cleaning products do not leave up to their promise. Depending on the clog that you are facing, using them might worsen the problem and possibly deepen your frustration. These chemicals clear the obstruction by reacting with it, producing heat and gas. The heat might burn the PVC pipes, weakening them. The problem might be even worse if your drain pipes are steel or iron. These metals are prone to corrosion, resulting in deterioration.

Unfortunately, you will expose yourself to such risks without guaranteeing they will remove the clog. Further, these chemicals flow into the septic system, interfering with the ecosystem. They kill the useful bacteria that are used to break down wastes. The reduction in their population means that the wastes will not be broken down as quickly as required, making the tank fill faster and even overflow. Rather than use the chemical drain cleaning products that could cause all sorts of problems, search for a plumber near me in St. Petersburg, FL, to clean the drains safely.

  • Incorrect Plunging

When faced with a drainage issue such as a clog, some homeowners reach to their plungers to clear it out. However, there are various plungers, and all are designed for dealing with different drainage issues and types. Hence, to complete a job, you should use the right plunger. Sink plungers have a bell-shaped bottom, while toilet plungers have a flat-shaped bottom. Unfortunately, it isn’t enough to have the right plunger. You also should know how to use the plunger correctly.

Incorrect plunger use could worsen the problem by pushing the blockage further down the drains. It also could damage the sink or toilet, resulting in more expensive repairs. If you don’t have the right plunger or don’t know how to use one, search for a plumber near me in Florida to address the problem. The professionals are trained to deal with such problems with relative ease.

  • Poking Into Your Drains

After they’ve tried chemical drain cleaning products and plunging with no success, some homeowners decide to get creative. For instance, some attempt to dislodge the obstruction by unbending a coat hanger and sticking it into the drains. Picking at the obstruction can result in many things going badly.

Additionally, do not try using a stick or any other stiff but sharp objects to poke your drains. This is because they might break and leave you with larger issues. In most instances, if using a plunger to clear the drains cannot remove the blockage, poking will only shove it further down your drains. Sticking such objects down the drains may also put holes and dents in the drain pipes, leaving you with an expensive plumbing bill. Instead, hire a plumber near me in your vicinity to deal with the clog professionally.

  • Garden Housing

When some homeowners notice that their drains are blocked outside, they decide to use their garden hoses to clear the clog. They do this by applying pressure on the hose so that water flows at high speed to the blocked drain, akin to hydro-jetting. However, this should be done with specialized equipment for such a purpose. The pressure from the hose isn’t enough to dislodge the blockage.

This particularly holds if the drains are clogged by tree root intrusion. DIY hydro-jetting using hoses will result in wastage of water and flooding that can cause serious damage. Rather, hire a professional plumber near me in St. Petersburg, FL, to deal with the blockage using the right tools.

  • Incorrect Drain Snaking

A mechanical drain snake is an excellent tool for unclogging your drains. However, it can seriously damage your drains if it isn’t used properly. Faced with drain clogs, some homeowners resort to forcing the drain snaking device around the pipe corners, which are hard to navigate. Frequent and incorrect use of a motorized drain snake could result in serious damage to the pipes. You will have to pay for an expensive repair or replacement costs. Enlist a plumber near me in Florida to inspect the plumbing, locate the clog, and use industry-accepted means of clearing them.

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