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Plumbing problems aren’t always evident until you notice a side effect, whether it’s especially green grass or landscaping above a leaking main water line, crumbling wall materials from dampness within, the smell of mold, or an unusually high water bill. Water line repairs are essential to avoid further damage, and at Drain Flo Plumbing we can respond, locate the problem, and make repairs effectively using modern detection and repair technologies as well as our professional experience. As your local plumber in Temple Terrace, FL, we know how to work with the inspectors and utility team to get the job done right and quickly if it’s a main water line repairsituation, and our skills at finding hidden leaks in or under your home are unmatched. We also offer preventive services such as shutoff valve maintenance and installation, water hammer arrestor installation, water line repairs and upgrades for remodeling and new appliances, and inspection and upgrading of decaying and corroded pipes.

Know Your Shutoff  Valves And Make Sure They’re Operational

Water line leaks inside your home can cause extensive damage, so it’s important to be ready to shut off your home’s water supply. Our water line repair team will ask where the shutoff is, and while it’s often in the basement, sometimes hidden behind equipment or storage, sometimes it’s outside in the yard or even down the block. Finding out where and how to shut off the water is critical to protecting your home, and don’t forget to share this information with members of your family as appropriate or keep it as part of your “in case of emergency” packet. Sometimes a special tool is needed to reach the shutoff valve, so being prepared can save a lot of time. If your whole house water shutoff valve is stuck after years of disuse, or shutoffs are stuck or missing from your individual fixtures in the house, we can help by freeing stuck valves and quickly installing new ones to protect you against problems in the future.

Leaks, Low Pressure, And No Water At All: Symptoms For Your Water Line Repair Team

Good information can help prepare your plumber for a water line repair, and that includes whether you have a pressure regulator in your home to reduce the incoming city water pressure to a safe level for your house, whether you have a water filter or softener system, and whether your water problems are with both hot and cold water or not. If you have signs of leaks such as damp spots in walls, on floors or ceilings, or on your basement floor, extra green or sinkholes in your yard, high water usage, low water pressure, or variable water pressure, these are also useful clues for your plumber.

Special Risk Of Low Water Pressure

If your water pressure is suddenly low, you could need a water line repair or there could be problems with the city water supply such as a water line break or fire hydrant use. Low water pressure can be a problem in itself due to “backflow,” where your system allows contaminated water into your pipes, making your water potentially unsafe. Cities will often issue “boil orders” to make sure residents are aware of water pressure problems like this so they will boil water before drinking it to clear bacterial contamination.

High Water Pressure In Your Home

Your plumbing and appliances are designed to handle normal water pressure over time, but if the city water pressure rises, it can cause leaks and appliance problems within your home. If the high city water pressure is normal for your neighborhood, you should have a pressure-reducing valve near your water supply entrance that will require servicing every few years to replace components that become worn managing the water pressure. Without proper servicing of this protective device, you may experience high, low, or varying water pressure in your home.

Damaged Pipes Inside Your Home

Even banging a nail into a wall to hang a picture can potentially damage a pipe passing behind the wall, so it’s important to be careful about damaging pipes, especially your water supply lines. Pipes can also start to leak after years of vibration against each other or their supports. Severe vibrations induced by the automatic operation of appliance valves are managed by water hammer arrestors, which our plumbers can install for you. Pipe damage can also occur over time, as your home’s plumbing ages. After decades, it’s time to have a plumbing inspection to look for any issues that are developing and arrange water line repair before any leaks occur.

Aging Pipes And Repiping

Some types of pipe last longer than others, so ask your plumber about the expected lifetime of yours. Some types of plastic degrade more quickly than others, so expert advice is helpful in determining whether to be concerned. Metal pipes such as copper corrode over time and may weaken to the point where they need replacing. If replacements have already been done incorrectly, you may have “dissimilar metal” corrosion problems as well. Many homes built during the building booms of the mid 20th century are reaching the point where, instead of water line repairs, they need a complete repiping. This is a common procedure that takes some time but is well worth the leak risk reduction it provides.

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