A Look At The Different Types Of Valves A Plumber Would Find In Your Plumbing in Tampa, FL


As a homeowner, it never hurts to learn more about your plumbing. The more that you learn, the easier it will be to diagnose the problem that you’re faced with. You’ll be able to provide the plumber with more information about the issue in order to save time.

One of the most common plumbing parts that are involved with many repairs is the valves. Valves are important components of every plumbing system that make it possible for you to shut off the water at any point in the system. There needs to be sufficient valves installed throughout; otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to control the water flow in your home should a plumbing emergency, like a burst or a leak, occur.

Valves will usually only leak when the washers or the seals become worn out. In these situations, the plumber will usually replace only the washer or the seal. However, if the valves are pretty old as well, you might want to consider replacing them too.

In this article, we’re going to learn more about the four different types of plumbing valves: gate valves, globe valves, shutoff valves, and saddle valves.

  • Gate Valves

The first type of washer that we’ll look at is the gate valve. This is perhaps one of the most common types of valves that you’ll see in your plumbing system, and they’re characterized or identified by the movable brass wedge that’s in the design. This movable brass wedge is also known as the gate that controls the water flow. There are also many other components that make up the overall design. Some of the other components that you’ll find in this valve include the packing nut, the packing washer, and the spindle. The gate is located at the bottom.

The most common type of problem that you’ll see with this type of valve is leaks around the handle. These problems can be easily fixed by replacing either the packing washer or the packing string that’s found underneath the packing nut. If none of these replacements fixes the problem, your plumber might even consider replacing the entire valve.

  • Globe Valves

This type of valve has a curved chamber. Like gate valves and shutoff valves, this type of valve also comprises many different parts: a packing nut, a packing washer, a spindle, a stem washer, and a stem screw. This type of valve is often used for throttling services and automatic control.

If this valve is leaky, most professionals will try to resolve the problem by replacing the packer washer first. If that doesn’t help, they might take a look at the various different parts to see whether anything else is worn down. If the valve does not fully stop water from coming out when it’s closed, the problem might lie with the stem washer.

  • Shutoff Valves

This type of valve is often found in a single fixture, like the faucet. This type of valve consists of a packing washer, a packing nut, a packing ring, a spindle and a stem washer. There are a lot of components involved, so unless you’re comfortable with playing around with all of the different parts, leave repair jobs to a plumber with more experience and training.

If these valves are leaking, the most common solution is to replace the packing washer. Another common problem that you might see with these valves happens when you try to close the valve. Water may not fully stop. If this happens, replace the stem washer, and the problem should fix itself. If none of these replacements work, you can consider replacing the entire valve.

  • Saddle Valves

Last but not least, we have the saddle valves. These valves are small fittings that are often used to connect the refrigerator icemaker or the sink-mounted water filler to a copper water pipe. Due to this reason, you typically won’t have a plumber tell you that you need to replace one of these valves unless there’s something wrong with a plumbing appliance.

These valves have a hollow metal spike that can puncture the water pipe when the valve is first closed. If these valves are leaking, the simplest solution is to replace the o-ring that’s located under the packing nut. If that doesn’t help, then you can consider replacing the valve.

Difference Between Hose Bibb And Valve

A hose bibb leak is not a valve, but it’s often also categorized as one. This is a faucet with a threaded spout that you’ll often find on the outside of your home. It’s meant to connect with appliance hoses. This part is made up of many different components: a handle screw, a handle, a packing nut, a packing washer, a packing ring, a spindle, a stem washer, and a stem screw. Because of its complicated construction, leave all repairs to a professional with more experience and training.

If the hose bibb is leaking, replace the stem washer and the packing washer before you reassemble it.

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