A Guide To Emergency Plumbing Service And How To Prevent It in St. Petersburg, FL


Sooner or later we all had to deal with emergency plumbing in the past. A water leak, a foul odor or an unexpected water puddle are a few of the incidents that plumbers in St. Petersburg, FL were called to deal with. As the name suggests, an emergency plumbing service is the event where a part of the house’s plumbing system has broken down and is in need of urgent repair work.

An emergency call to the plumber is usually a sign that the plumbing system of the house has not been recently inspected or in rare occasions, an unexpected failure happened. Furthermore, the risk of having to call for emergency plumbing service increases if you have equipment that was installed by a non-qualified person. Although it looks easy to wire up the new washing machine, it is only the eye of a professional plumber who can ensure that the equipment is properly connected to the rest of the network.

In this post, you can find out what are the main problems that require an emergency plumbing service and how you can avoid it by planning frequent plumbing checks.

  • Damaged Pipes

What can be more suspicious than an aged and stressed water pipe? Water pipes act like veins who continuously provide the house with freshwater and get rid of the wastewater. Unlike modern pipes, the older ones were made from bronze or copper, which are more sensitive materials than the synthetic PVC. Pipes can easily be forgotten during a brief check as they are hidden within the walls or floors of the property. Metallic pipelines are also used when hot water is used as they are more durable to heat than PVC ones. However, pipes may be stressed from the use of hot or cold water and regular checks are required by a professional plumber to ensure that the system is functioning as expected.

Unlike DIY, a qualified individual has customized tools and is experienced with any kind of piping. Pipes that are exposed to the natural elements are also susceptible to damage from foreign objects such as rocks, tree leaves or pests who can weaken its structure. A malfunctioning pipe can cause significant damage as it may cause a water leak or a significant drop in the water pressure, which may damage sensitive devices such as the washing machine or the dishwasher. Whether your house is equipped with brand-new or an older type, it is a good practice to arrange for a plumber to perform a regular check on to ensure that there are no leaks or damaged pipes in your house.

  • Flow Valves

Also known as stop valves, they are widely used in households around St. Petersburg, FL to stop the flow in facilities that are no longer used. Stop valves act like water-tight patches which restrict the flow of water. However, valves may be used between two or more pipes who are connected, and they can allow or restrict the flow of water. An emergency plumbing service can occur when a valve is not properly installed or in the case that the valve installation is old and limescale has developed around that point.

Limescale is a white chalk-alike deposit that forms around pipes, valves, and other various facilities which use freshwater. They are a natural product of the salt and other natural elements that are found in the water. A limescale formation may cause erosion, which can lead to a rapture in the pipe or the valve.

If your house is equipped with such valves, it is essential to arrange with a plumber to inspect those and if necessary to replace them with new ones.

On the other hand, if you spot a valve which is leaking, it is vital to arrange an emergency plumbing service in order to stop the leaking. Even if the flow of water is minimal, the pressure of the water that is flowing through the system is enough to cause a flood, should the situation get worse.

  • Broken Septic Tank

Septic tanks are an excellent solution if you want to gain independence from the public sewage network, it is also an excellent way to reduce the utility bills. The septic tank is buried in the garden outside the house and is connected with the drain pipes. The drainfield, which is the place above and around the tank, shall be free of heavy items such as cars or motorbikes in order to avoid rupturing the delicate disposing system that lies underground. In the centre of the field, the maintenance hatch is located which allows the drain cleaning crew to clean and inspect the tank.

If you notice any water concentration around the tank, septic odour or wastewater that refuses to go down, you should call for an emergency plumbing service. Septic tanks are durable but are susceptible to pipe raptures and clogged drain lines which can put your house facilities to a hold. Should you notice any of the tell-tale signs that the tank isn’t working as expected, call for an emergency plumbing service as the contents of the tank are hazardous for your health and must be dealt with as soon as possible.

How To Prevent An Emergency Plumbing Service

When it comes to plumbing issues, there isn’t a better defence than frequent inspections. By planning routine plumbing checks in your property, you minimize the risk of being in need of an emergency plumbing service. Households who regularly arrange for a plumber to inspect the network, have fewer chances of requiring emergency repairs.

However, should an accident happen and you are in need of emergency plumbing repairs, there is no need to worry, as experienced plumbers are standing nearby, ready to lend a hand and restore order.

Whether it is an emergency, or you simply want to prevent one, Drain Flo Plumbing supports households with professional and qualified plumbers who can help you. Get in touch today and find out more.