6 Signs You May Need A Water Line Repair in Temple Terrace, FL


Every part of the plumbing system in your Temple Terrace, FL home is essential; however, the main water line is one of the most vital components. The water line delivers water to your home, and if there is an issue, it won’t be able to do its job. In addition, water line issues can result in significant flooding and cause the street in front of your house to crumble. The best way to avoid these problems is to identify the signs you need to schedule an appointment for a water line repair. The sooner you make the call; the less damage will occur.

#1 Frequent Clogs

It is not uncommon for your drains to clog occasionally. However, if your drains are frequently clogging and are becoming more difficult to clear, the issue may not be with the internal plumbing but with the water line.

When you call a plumber for water line repair, they can inspect the water line to determine if this is the reason your drains are clogged so frequently.

#2 Noisy Fixtures

The plumbing fixtures in your home should be able to handle the flow of water without making noise. If your pipes rattle when you turn on the water or if you hear dripping or whistling sounds, you could have a damaged pipe. However, these are also signs of water line damage.

You will need a licensed plumber to inspect your plumbing system to determine if your fixtures are noisy due to an issue with the pipes or if a water line repair is necessary to solve the problem.

#3 Poor Water Pressure

Poor water pressure is a frustrating problem. It can make daily tasks take longer than necessary and can affect the way your water-based appliances perform. There are several problems that can reduce the water pressure, and a damaged water line is one of them.

Tree roots and significant clogs in the water line can affect the water pressure. If there is no water coming from the taps in your Temple Terrace, FL home, the water line may have ruptured completely, which could cause significant flooding.

A plumber can inspect your plumbing system to figure out why your water pressure is poor. If the issue is related to the water line, the plumber can perform a water line repair, which will improve the water pressure.

#4 Pooling Water In The Yard

If it hasn’t rained recently, there shouldn’t be puddles in your yard. Pooling water is one of the most obvious signs that you need to schedule an appointment for a water line repair. If the water line breaks underground, it can cause puddles to form on your property. The same is true if there are soggy patches or the grass is lusher in one area than the rest of the yard. These are signs of a significant leak, and it is essential that you schedule an appointment for water line repair right away.

#5 Discolored Water

When you turn on the water in your home, it should run clean and clear. If the water is yellow or brown, you have a problem with your plumbing system. If just the hot water is discolored, the issue is with your water heater. If the hot and cold water is discolored, your pipes could be corroding, or it could mean you need to schedule an appointment for water line repair.

Rust can build up in the interior pipes, which can contaminate your water. However, rust can also affect the pipe leading to your property that is contaminating the water.

It is unsafe to use contaminated water; therefore, you should call a plumber immediately. A professional can determine whether the interior pipes are to blame or they need to perform a water line repair.

#6 Your Water Bills Have Increased

Have you noticed an increase in your water bills lately? Higher than average water bills are common if someone new moves into your home or you recently installed a water-based appliance. If your family’s water demand hasn’t changed, there could be a leak in the water line. Even if you cannot see a leak, it doesn’t mean that your water line isn’t leaking somewhere.

It is best to call a plumber right away to inspect your plumbing system and make a repair. The longer your wait, the longer you will be paying higher than average energy bills. In addition, ignoring a leak anywhere in your home is a big mistake.

#7 Foundation Cracks

Cracks in the foundation of your home are the more serious sign of a water line issue. This can happen when the water has been leaking for a prolonged period of time and has seeped into the foundation. This is a very serious issue because cracks in the foundation can weaken the structure of your home, and you should call a plumber immediately.

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