6 Signs That You Should Call For Plumbing Service in St. Petersburg, FL


The plumbing system in your home is very complex. It is also one of the most essential systems in your home. If your plumbing system’s water supply or drainage system is not functioning properly, it can make life in the home inconvenient and challenging.Many homeowners will make plumbing repairs DIY projects, but this is a mistake. Unless you are a licensed plumber, you can end up doing more harm than good. If you are dealing with any of the issues below, it is essential that you call a professional for plumbing service.

#1 Poor Water Pressure

Poor water pressure can be inconvenient. If the pressure isn’t strong enough, you won’t be able to rinse your dishes properly, and it can be difficult to rinse the shampoo out of your hair. Poor water pressure can also have an impact on the way your water-based appliance functions.

There are a few issues that could be causing the issue. It could be something simple like a clogged aerator. It could also be a leak in the waterline. A leak will limit the amount of water that reaches the faucet or showerhead. When the water leaks behind the wall, it can cause water damage and promote mold growth.

If the water pressure is poor when the hot water is running but fine when the cold water is running, the issue could be with the water heater.

If your water pressure is poor, it is essential that you call for plumbing service immediately.

#2 Slow Or Clogged Drains

Slow drains can be very frustrating. If the water is draining quickly, household tasks will take longer than they should. If the drain is completely clogged and the water won’t go down at all, day-to-day tasks in the home can be impossible.

Many homeowners will try to fix the problem themselves by using a liquid drain cleaner. Unfortunately, these products aren’t always effective. If the drain is completely clogged, the drain cleaner won’t even make it down the drain. Many homeowners will try to use a drain snake, but without proper knowledge, this can cause damage to the drains.

If your drains are slow or clogged, you should call for plumbing service. A licensed plumber will have the tools and the knowledge to remove the clog quickly and safely.

#3 Gurgling Sounds Coming From The Sink

If the drainage system in your St. Petersburg, FL home is working properly, the water should go down the drain quietly. If you hear a gurgling sound when the water goes down the drain, you should call for a plumbing professional. If you have a clog in the drain, the water will need to change directions to get down the drain, which will cause the gurgling sound.

When you call for plumbing service, the plumber will remove the clog, clearing the way for the water to drain, which will stop the gurgling sound.

#4 Leaking Faucet

If there is a leaky faucet in your St. Petersburg, FL home, it can be easy to ignore. Many homeowners don’t worry too much because they don’t realize how much water is being wasted. Over the course of a year, a faucet that drips at the rate of one drip per second can waste up to 3,000 gallons of water per year. This can cause a significant increase in your water bill. Also, after a day or two, it is easy to get used to the dripping sound.

If you have a leaky faucet, it is essential that you call for plumbing service. If the faucet is leaking, there is a malfunction with a part of the faucet. If it isn’t repaired, the problem will get worse. Also, calling for a plumbing professional right away will prevent your water bill from increasing.

#5 Running Toilet

If you think that you are wasting a lot of water when your faucet is dripping, you will be shocked when you find out how much water a running toilet wastes. On average, a running toilet wastes over a gallon of water per hour, which equals to up to 26 gallons of water per day.

If the toilet in your home is functioning properly, it should run after you flush and stop when the tank is full. If the toilet continues to run, there could be an issue with the plunger in the tank or the tank’s seal.

It is best to call for plumbing service as soon as you notice that there is a problem. If the problem is ignored, you will waste a significant amount of water, and the problem can worsen.

#6 Water Heater Issues

The water heater in your home is essential to your everyday life. If your water heater isn’t working properly, it can make daily tasks impossible. If you notice any of the issues listed below, it is best to call for a plumbing professional immediately:

  • No hot water
  • You are running out of hot water sooner than normal.
  • Poor hot water pressure
  • Rusty hot water
  • Cloudy, foul-smelling hot water
  • Rusty hot water
  • Strange sounds coming from the hot water
  • Moisture or standing water around the water heater

You should never try to fix your hot water heater on your own because you could end up doing more damage. When you call for plumbing service, the plumber will inspect your water heater to determine the cause of the problem so that it can be fixed.

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