10 Important Questions To Ask Your New Plumber


Common plumbing issues such as leaky pipes not only undermine the comfort of your living space but also are health hazards to your loved ones as they encourage mold growth. Working with an experienced plumbing contractor will help detect plumbing issues early and address them before they escalate. However, with several plumbing companies opening shop today, it can be difficult to find a reputable plumber, for your plumbing needs. In this post, we highlight ten questions to ask your new plumber before you hire them to ensure they are qualified and can do a good job:

Are You Licensed?

This is one of the first questions you should ask any plumber before you contract them. The Florida State Government requires every experienced working plumber to perform a test that certifies them as county, regional, or state plumbing contractors. Plumbing experts are required to renew their licenses and take recertification tests annually to stay up to date with building codes. These tests ensure any plumbing expert you hire is knowledgeable about the current building practices.

In the absence of a proper license, a plumbing job may be deemed illegal and done in a manner inconsistent with current building codes. Also, unlicensed technicians may do a poor repair or installation job, which can cost you more money to rectify in the future.

Are You Insured?

Apart from licensing, insurance is also an important consideration when evaluating a plumber’s credentials. Insurance provides a necessary buffer in the event of accidents and mistakes. In the absence of coverage, you may incur liability after an accident on your property, which will definitely cost you money to settle. A qualified plumbing technician will have in place proper bonds, builder’s risk, and workers’ compensation coverage options.

What Are Your References And Credentials?

A plumbing expert should have at least three to five quality references from reachable clients to show that they are capable of handling specific plumbing tasks reputably. Take time to check out the references personally before accepting bids or signing any contracts.

On the other hand, credentials may not necessarily imply quality workmanship but express a commitment to their trade. They also denote a proficiency in the technician’s professional practices and that they are up to date with the modern building techniques and practices.

Are Your Plumbing Service Contractors Independently Licensed?

Your plumbing contractor may be insured, licensed, and have excellent credentials, but the people working on your house may not be licensed or experienced. Always clarify with the plumbing contractor if they will be handling the project themselves or sourcing the project out to someone else. Ascertain the subcontractor’s experience and references to ensure they are qualified to handle your project.

Do You Charge Service Fees?

When a plumbing expert visits your home or job for an estimate, a service fee accrues. Irrespective of whether they perform a task or complete the project, most plumbers will charge a fee to simply show up at your residence. The service fee is usually non-negotiable in most cases, so it is important to ask the company how much they will charge before you have them visit your home. This approach helps you avoid unexpected hidden fees and costs.

What Is Your Average Response Time?

A service provider’s response time is essential in an emergency plumbing situation. In a short time, plumbing leaks can destroy a home, exponentially multiplying the repair costs as time goes by. A plumbing technician who is available on call around the clock will ensure any emergency plumbing issues do not escalate to bigger issues that will cost more to fix.

Do You Charge For Travel Time?

Many plumbing contractors charge for travel to and from your location. The cost can be especially high if the plumbing contractor is located far away from your location. It is best to hire a local plumbing contractor who is familiar with local building inspectors and local codes and cheaper travel costs.

Do You Offer 24-hours Emergency Service?

Usually, there are two types of plumbing contractors; those that provide 24-hour plumbing services and those that don’t. Plumbing contractors who offer 24-hour services only engage in emergency jobs, and those that don’t, do not make emergency house calls. Find a reputable local emergency and contracting plumber for all your plumbing problems.

What Are Your Areas Of Expertise?

Finding out your plumbing contractor’s areas of expertise beforehand ensures you hire the right contractor for the specific plumbing project or task. A contractor who is excellent at remodeling may not be ideal for a service and repair job. The best way to get a plumbing job done right is by matching the contractor’s strengths and expertise with the appropriate task.

Is There Any Charge For Parts?

A professional plumbing contractor should have the right replacement parts for a specific project or task. However, there is a chance that specialty parts could become scarce, raising a problem. In such instances, your plumber may need to make a trip to the local plumbing supply store. It is crucial to know whether your plumber will charge you for getting plumbing supplies that aren’t on hand. While the above questions are not exhaustive, they are an ideal place to start when looking to hire a plumbing contractor.

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