10 Things a Plumber Can Do for You


Temple Terrace, FL residents have many things in common. One is how badly they need access to an emergency plumber when things go wrong with their home. Without the knowledge, skills, and expertise of a trained professional, they could be looking at water damage or even a bigger bill than they first anticipated. Even if […]

5 Big Ways to Know It’s Time to Hire a Drain Cleaning Service | Brandon, FL


Plumbing is something most of us only think about when something goes wrong. We don’t think about our homes’ plumbing the same way we think about car oil changes. But having a good, experienced plumber like Drain Flo Plumbing in Brandon, FL, can keep your plumbing working like a charm. They offer drain cleaning service alongside years […]

Three Odd but Common Steps a Plumber Might Use for Drain Clogs


There is probably nothing more disgusting than a backed-up drain, except for a backed-up toilet. Whether the blockage is in the sink drain or commode, the reason for the back-up problem might be the same. You need to bring in a trained, professional to investigate, assess, and solve your stinky dilemma. Step One: Interrogation Of […]

How Often Should I Call A Drain Cleaning Services in Brandon, FL?


At Drain Flo Plumbing, we’ve heard this question often, over numerous years: “How often should I have my drains cleaned?” It’s usually not until the folks of Brandon, FL are looking for a drain cleaning service because they already have a clogged drain that they think about a little more regular maintenance to prevent them from calling the professionals so […]