Signs That Tell You It’s Time For Septic Tank Pumping in Tampa, FL


If you’ve spent your whole life on city sewer adjusting to a septic tank can be a bit of a challenge. Not only are there restrictions on what you should and shouldn’t put down your drain, a giant concrete tank full of all your homes’ sewage is sitting not very far from your house and has the very real potential to overflow and cause big problems if you don’t make sure to do a septic tank pumping regularly. Places with naturally saturated ground, like Tampa, FL can find that a septic tank may need to be pumped more often and knowing the signs that it’s time to have a professional tank pumping performed can help you avoid smelly, disgusting disasters at your home.

No matter whether you live on a septic system or a city sewage system, sluggish drains and difficulties getting your toilet to flush are signs that there’s a problem somewhere in your sewage system. If you have a septic system it may be time for a septic tank pumping when you can’t get your drains and toilets to empty like they should. When the tank is full this new sewage becomes excess that the tank has to make space for. Plus, this is one of the first warning signs that your septic tank might be in trouble so keep an eye out for it! It will definitely save you some trouble and save your wallet if you can get a septic tank pumping done before the problem gets worse.

Just as with a clogged drain, another sign that could signal that you need a septic tank pumping is gurgling pipes. If it sounds like there’s an animal under your home as the sewage moves to your septic tank then it may be time to call and have your tank pumped.

One of the most common signs of an overfull septic tank that needs septic pumping is water pooling out on your property but especially around where the tank and drain field are located. This is sign is a big one and as soon as you notice it you should schedule a septic tank pumping.

While standing water in the drain field is a common sign of an over-full septic, there is a warning sign that may appear before it. If you find that the grass or foliage on your drain field is greener and lusher then chances are your tank is beginning to overflow and feeding all that grass a little extra fertilizer. If you see that your septic drain field has grass that’s putting your front lawn to shame then it’s time to schedule a septic tank pumping before you have pools of standing water that have seeped up from underground.

Another good sign that your septic tank may be struggling is odors that seem to linger in your yard. Not only is this unpleasant, these odors are caused by bacteria that can cause health concerns. A lingering ‘port-a-potty’ smell that just won’t go away is a good sign that you need a septic tank pumping urgently and should call to get one scheduled right away.

Do you have access to a personal well that provides your water? If so you should be regularly checking the water quality. If a water quality check of your well water shows a high concentration of nitrates then your septic system may be overflowing into your well water! This means your drinking water is being contaminated by sewage and you need to call the professionals.

If you missed all the other signs then you may find that your sewer begins to back up and can fill your home with sewage. A sewer back up from an overfull septic tank will often begin in the lowest drains in your house, such as your basement. A sewer back up isn’t a minor issue – it’s a big deal and the number one reason you want to make sure you get your septic tank pumped regularly. Sewer back up means your home is being filled with raw sewage and this can cause a serious health risk that may require more than just your plumber to handle. Though a sewer back up is relatively rare, it is a very real possibility if all the other signs and symptoms of an over-full septic tank have somehow been missed.

The best way to avoid having to deal with any of these issues is to make the number one sign that your septic tank needs to be pumped that it’s ‘that time of year’. Working with a professional in Tampa, FL to determine when the best time to have your septic tank pumped is the best way to avoid your system being over-burdened and causing bigger issues. Regular and routine septic pumping keeps your tank from over-filling and allows your plumber or septic tank professional to check and make sure that everything with your septic system is running the way it should. Regular and routine maintenance on your septic system will help ensure that you get the full life out of your system – at least thirty, if not forty or fifty years.

Sometimes even with regular septic tank pumping your tank can be filled; big events such as a big birthday bash or a backyard wedding can strain your system and encourage you to call out the professionals for a septic pumping before your regular call is usually made. If you think you might have added more than normal to your septic tank don’t wait for other signs to show it might be full. Call Drain Flo Plumbing in the Tampa, FL area septic tank pumping and make sure your system is running smoothly. Don’t shorten the lifespan of your expensive septic system by not keeping it well maintained.