Is It Time To Call A Plumber To Replace Your Garbage Disposal?


Garbage disposals are designed to break down food for better food waste management. It’s an indispensable tool in the kitchen. When it’s properly maintained, it could last up to 12 or even 15 years. Over time, they may show signs of wear and tear and other problems. How do you find out whether it’s time to get a new garbage disposal? Find out below. You may also call a plumber in Temple Terrace, FL if you are not sure what to do next.

  • Unusual Noises

Garbage disposals make strange noises. What you need to do if you hear an unusual sound is to check whether something fell inside the garbage disposal. Then remove whatever fell off or call a plumber if you need more help. If you hear a humming noise but the garbage disposal isn’t grinding the food waste, it could mean that there is something wrong with the disposal’s motor. It is receiving power but not doing its job. Either the motor is completely broken or just needs repair. The best thing to do would be to call a plumber so they can check your disposal’s motor.

If you hear screeching sounds, the internal components of your garbage disposal may not be aligned. Clanking sounds could mean that the impellers may be loose. In this case, it will need to be replaced only by a professional.

  • Persistent Smell

When food is trapped inside the garbage disposal, it will cause bad odor. You can get rid of that by rinsing the disposal with cold water. If it still smells after rinsing, there may be stubborn particles still trapped inside. You may want to call a plumber so they can assist you. Just make sure you avoid cleaning your disposal with chemical cleaners as that will damage the internal components and the blades.

  • No Power

The first thing you need to do when your garbage disposal won’t turn on is to press the reset button. When that doesn’t work, try to check your circuit breakers and fix whatever needs fixing. Do take extra precautions when dealing with electricity to avoid major accidents. If it still won’t run, there could be a problem with your motor. The best thing to do would be to call a professional in Temple Terrace, FL. If you keep having this problem, it is time to get a new garbage disposal for your kitchen.

  • Frequent Resets

When there is too much strain on the motor, it will overload. As a result, it will damage the garbage disposal’s internal circuit breaker. You can resolve this usually by resetting. Your disposal should be up and running.

Before using your garbage disposal, make sure you know how to use it and you are aware as to how much load it can carry. When you put too much load at your disposal, it will automatically shut down. That is the machine’s precaution to protect its motor from breaking. It’s okay to reset your disposal from time to time, but if you are doing it too frequently, that is not a good sign. There could be a serious problem and you may need to do some repairs or buy a new disposal. Consider talking to a plumber so they can give you better advice on what to do next. If it’s a motor problem, it would be best to get a new one as repairs will be even more costly.

  • Leaks

A garbage disposal may crack or leak especially when it’s not properly maintained. Common leak problems may involve the sink flange. You can resolve this by re-tightening the rings. When the leak is caused by a dishwasher connection, you can resolve that by either replacing the hose or tightening the clamp. Doing that may stop the leak. Always call a plumber if you do not know how to troubleshoot to avoid causing more problems. If you keep having leaks, it may be best to just replace them instead of having to call a professional for expensive repairs. Consider replacing your garbage disposal if it’s more than 10 years old.

Cracks are also common, especially for older garbage disposals. Get a new one as you can save more than paying for costly repairs.

  • Frequent Clogs

If you are feeding just smaller quantities of food waste to your disposal and it clogs, it could be because it doesn’t have enough horsepower or there could be a problem with the grind ring. The latter should be able to break down the waste into smaller particles. If it can’t break down larger pieces, it will create a clog. Call a plumber to clear the clog. Never attempt to use chemical cleaners to prevent further damage.

  • Slow Grind Time

When the garbage disposal is operating efficiently, it should only take a couple of seconds to grind the food waste. As it ages, it may also take time to grind food waste. The main causes would be either the weakened motor or dull grind rings. Older garbage disposals may struggle to break down the same quantities of food over time. You can either call a plumber so they can check the disposal or consider replacing it.

  • Keep Your Garbage Disposal Healthy

Knowing what to throw into the garbage disposal is key to making it last for several years. Avoid putting large chunks of food in your disposal as it may clog the system. Fats and grease should never get thrown off into the disposal. Other foods you need to avoid are bones, onion skins, coffee grounds, shells, nuts, potatoes and non-food items. These are a big no-no.

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