Common Causes of Water Leaks That Need a Plumber | Brandon, FL


If you have faced them before, then you know that water leaks are annoying little problems. However, when left unchecked by a plumber, the results can be disastrous. Mold, electrical risks, structural damage, and flooding are just a few problems that can result from a leak, and the repairs can be costly. According to the EPA, an average household loses around 10,000 gallons of water annually from leaks.

Although there are telltale signs like skyrocketing bills, musty odors, low water pressure, and wet spots that you can use to determine if you have a water leak, it is still hard to track the problem area. Much of the plumbing in your home is hidden and not easily accessible, and only a professional plumber is qualified enough to look for the leak.

One of the best ways to protect your home as a resident of Brandon, FL, is to understand and look for everyday situations that can cause leaks to develop. They say prevention is better than cure. So before you give up on your pipes, we think it is best to let you in on some of the main reasons why your pipes are likely to leak now or in the future. If that sounds interesting, let us hop right into it:

Deterioration Or Shifting

This is the most common and hardest to detect causes of your leaking pipes for a person who is not a plumber. The chances are that your house has been around for some time, and the pipes you found there are still the ones you are using to date. Anything that has been working for all that time is likely to have deteriorated over time. Naturally, the pipes, drainage, and foundation have worsened due to prolonged use. This factor can cause rust or leaks.

The natural shifting of the foundation of your house also causes the house’s plumbing to loosen and sometimes to even wholly separate. This phenomenon then causes water leakages. Sometimes it may be a drop or two every minute but look at the long-term damage to your house or the water bills.

Fluctuation Of Temperature

Most people do not like taking cold showers, and residents of Brandon, FL, are no different. This means that your pipes have to balance between hot and cold water running through them. These regular temperature changes within the pipes might lead to bursting and cracking of the pipes. This situation then leads to leaks, but this is nothing a plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing cannot handle.

The freezing of pipes during winter is also a significant contributor to cracks in pipes. When water freezes inside these pipes and freezes, the expansion leads to the formation of crevices from which during warmer times, water will leak.

High Water Pressure

High water pressure feels excellent during a hot morning shower. Unfortunately, if you ask any plumber, it is not doing so much for your pipes. Most pipes fitted in homes are not designed to withstand high water pressure for large (psi). Pressure going over 80 psi can cause pipes to develop multiple pinholes, which can contribute to large-scale water mess in your home. If you have concerns about your water pressure, call a plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to have your pipes inspected for problems.


Clogs are one of the most common problems we have experienced in Brandon, FL. Things like grease, hair, pieces of clothing, food, and sometimes children’s toys can cause drainage clogs making it an almost unavoidable problem in any household.

Once clogs form, the only sure way of detecting them is noticing your sinks or toilets draining much slower than they usually do. When a clog forms inside pipes, the clog creates unnecessary pressure and tension inside the pipes. This occurrence may lead to the pipes breaking, which in turn leads to water leakages. Your best option here is to find an emergency plumber. Luckily, Benjamin Franklin has emergency services for Brandon, FL residents who might need any plumbing service on short notice.

Broken Seals

During the installation of appliances, the contractor put seals around all water connectors and devices, such as your dishwasher. As time goes by, the seal may break or wear out.

If you identify humidity or water on your appliances or small puddles near your appliances, you may likely have a broken seal.


In most cases, trees are the culprits when you find water leakages into a basement. If you have trees near your home, the roots can exert pressure on your water pipes, causing them to crack or break. If you notice wet patches, sinkholes, or sudden water pressure drops, have a plumber come and check for the intrusion.

If it is true that your leaky basement is due to tree root invasion, do not ignore it. Early identification will save you a significant financial disaster.

Poor Workmanship

Although this is not a common cause of water leaks in homes, it does happen. Hiring an unqualified plumber or resorting to DIY can cause water leakages or disastrous problems in your home. This reason is mainly that a plumbing system is a compact unit that requires proper care and qualified personnel to fix, install, or replace.

Unqualified plumbers might not do the joints right or tight enough. Sometimes if you choose to do-It- Yourself, you might end up creating a problem while fixing another without even noticing.

Summing Up

Concisely, water leakages in homes, if detected early, are repairable to prevent damages that are more expensive. Hopefully, you do not require an emergency plumber in Brandon, FL, anytime soon. However, should the need arise; Drain Flo Plumbing is always ready to offer a helping hand.

We offer a variety of plumbing services both in the commercial and residential sectors. With Drain Flo Plumbing, you can rest assured that all our plumbers are fully qualified to complete the work professionally and to a very high standard. Just call now, tell us where you are, and we will be with you as soon as we can.