A Water Line Repair Saves On Water Bills And Cleanup Costs – Our Technology Can Target Areas Needing Fixed


Water line repairs are often detective stories that showcase an experienced plumber’s skills, knowledge, and even intuition. When you see a leak coming from the ceiling, it may bea from the bathroom above, but that’s the simple answer. It might also be from a pipe across the house, with water flowing across beams and into the basement through the wall, and the only evidence you’re seeing is the small amount that traveled that far and dripped through the ceiling. That’s a job you want a professional plumber working on here in Temple Terrace, FL. If you’ve got a leak nobody can find, you could wind up with a lot of “exploratory surgery” in your walls or even your concrete slab to locate it. Meanwhile, the water could be doing damage, growing mold and mildew, and even getting into your electrical system.

From Damp Walls To Sinkholes In Your Yard, Turn To Drain Flo Plumbing For Expert Water Line Repairs

When a pipe corrodes, breaks, or comes apart at the seams, you can experience a small leak that builds over time in your wall, or a sudden sinkhole in your yard. When your water main breaks the volume of water can quickly erode soil and lead to obvious signs of trouble, Flooding can occur, and even affect traffic on the street. A slower leak can reveal itself as extraordinarily green grass or landscaping over the water line, eventually worsening and causing noticeable problems, in the meantime wasting up to thousands of gallons of water. Our team can come to your home in Tampa and Temple Terrace, FL, plus surrounding towns, and use our high-tech equipment to locate and examine pipe defects, often without digging or cutting into walls.

There’s No Better Time To Perform A Water Line Repair

It may be tempting to wait until you gather more evidence about the potential water line leak in your walls or yard, but the more you wait, the more damage can happen. You may experience crumbling wall material, growth of mold and mildew in hidden places, and cracks in walls and ceilings where water infiltrates. Over time, the cost of the repair may be dwarfed by the price of the mitigation work done to dry out spaces between walls or above ceilings, remove mold and mildew, and repair water damaged materials. Your best bet is to have us check out potential problems using our advanced technology. That’s right, in many cases we don’t have to disrupt your walls, yard, or concrete in your basement to find the leak. When we do a water line repair, we use electronic listening devices and video scopes to determine where the problem is, and to inspect the damage from the inside so we can choose the best water line repair method.

Are You Discovering Diy Disasters In Your Walls?

Some homes have plumbing from well-meaning homeowners who understood basic plumbing, but may not have known all the tricks of the trade. Over time, issues such as the joining of pipes with dissimilar metals or adapting pipe sizes incorrectly can cause problems in your water lines and drains that didn’t show up years ago when the work was done. Our team takes pride in a job well done, and can take on upgrading DIY plumbing to code and current standards so it won’t give you further surprises in your walls, including leaks, clogs, noise, and flow problems. Just give us a call.

These Technologies Also Work For Drains And Sewers

By the way, in addition to water lines, our technology can also help when you call us for drain problems including emergencies, and when you’re concerned about your sewer line. We can use the scope to find objects in drains, determine the nature of clogs, and do the job right the first time. You can skip all the home remedies and know that our expert plumbers are ready for your call and can help keep your life simpler when it comes to plumbing problems, twenty-four hours a day.

Water Line Repairs On Older Homes And Outdated Plumbing

In some cases, your water line repair call may involve older pipe materials that need replacing. We’ll take care of the problem and also advise you about pipe materials such as cast iron and older plastics that may be a problem at some point. For example, corrosion in iron pipes can lead to leaks, but it can also make the interior surface rougher, leading to a greater chance of clogs in drain pipes. Of course, the presence of lead pipes is an important discovery for your family’s health, and some types of plastic piping tend to break down over time, often resulting in water line repair problems throughout your home on a regular basis. Rather than make regular visits to your place as the leaks appear, we can help you understand the problem up front and take preventive action.

Remodeling And Upgrades

Once you get to know us, often from an emergency call where our team can really shine, you’ll probably start thinking about ways that you could put us to work improving your home as well as doing repairs to your plumbing. If you’re thinking about new bathrooms and kitchens, we can help you save money by running new plumbing where it makes sense, and replacing fixtures on existing piping with minimal water line work as needed. We’re your cost-effective, friendly plumbing team that you’ll count on in the years to come.

Drain Flo Plumbing Is Your Water Line Repair Expert And General Plumber

Call us to diagnose and repair leaks in your incoming water system, your drains, sewers, and throughout your home. We have the experience and technology to perform efficient detective work and get the job done promptly with a minimum of disruption to your home and your family’s life. We’re here for you 24/7, so don’t wait to call.